Search Marketing Daily Editions for January 2015
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 16, 2015
How Google Glass Fits Into Nest Labs
Search Or YouTube: Where Should Incremental Search Dollars Go Next?
YouTube's Super Bowl AdBlitz To Stream Live Halftime Show
Yahoo's Mayer Names New Ad Product Team Leader To Revive Offerings
Teens On Social Media Know The Value Of Forgetting
Google Adds Event Tickets, Social Links In Search Results
Disappearing TV Ads: Really? They Disappear
Microsoft Foresees Multiscreen Efforts, Learning Lab Upping Digital Ad Revs
Mobile Economy Worth Almost $10 Trillion
Digital Technology Is Ruining Childhood
Tesco Builds Google Glass App
'On My Terms' - Marketing To The Millennial In Real Time
Not So Smart TV: Remote, Interface Issues Drive Down Online Viewing
Verizon's 'Zombie Cookie' And The Future Of Audience Targeting
Digital Engagement Index
Hacking Goes Mainstream
Ins And Outs Of International Domain Names
How To Make Valentine's Day Promotions Work For Most Products, Services
Finding The Interest-Based Keywords For Perfect Targeting
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015
ROI Rising As Brands Sink 24% More Of Their Budgets Into Paid Search, Per Report
Google, Lending Club Ink Partnership To Lend Funds
What If Search Engines Could Help You Find Customers?
Game Broadcasters On Twitch Gain Access To Music
Complex Mobile Search Attribution Holding Back Campaigns
Women Will Buy Their Way To New Year's Resolution Success
How Search Queries Help This Music Man Sell Music Online
Mississippi A.G. Asks Court To Throw Out Google's Lawsuit
Google AdWords Integrates Store Visits
Microsoft Foresees Multiscreen Efforts, Learning Lab Upping Digital Ad Revs
Google Adverts Malware Advertising Hijack
Beaconing by Request Enters the Market
White House Urges FCC To Nix Muni-Broadband Restrictions
Multi-Touch Attribution In Data-Driven Marketing's Passenger Seat
Google Translate App Getting Instant Offline Translation
Marriott Won't Block Personal WiFi Networks
AKQA Takes A Seat On Google's AdX
Google Play Apps Market Outpacing Apple
Digital Engagement Index
Obama Calls For Stricter Data Privacy Rules
Tesco Builds Google Glass App
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015
Search Engine Marketing Review Site Ranks Platforms
Google Delivers On Real-Time Translate Interpreter, Apsalar Ink Deal For Real-Time Cross-Platform Data Automation
Publisher Sues Google For Failing To Pay AdSense Revenue
Eyeview's New Dynamic Geo-Fencing Defines Neighborhoods, Big And Small, For Advertisers
Digital Engagement Index
Twitter Promotes Fabric App With City Events
Super Bowl Ad Price Tag Hits $4.5M
Facebook At Work App, Web Extension Launched
Google Refuses To Fix Bug, Pushes Old Version Android Users To Upgrade
The Five Biggest Buzzwords Of 2015
Mobile Is Slowly Killing Search
Nearly 20% of Internet Users Share Video Ads Regularly
Some Advertisers Moving Much Faster Than Others To Embrace Native
Does Twitter Predict TV Success?
Does Facebook Know You Better Than Your Friends?
On Viewability, Fraud, And Measurement Disparities
Think Apps Beat The Mobile Web? Not So Fast
Microsoft Makes It Easier to Save Email Attachments to Drive
Analytics Firm Teradata Buys App Marketing Platform Appoxee For $20-25 Million
The importance of Reviewing Data, And Reviewing It Again
How To Optimize For Long-Tail Keywords
Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel Required To Pay More In Settlement
Search, Email Skill Gap
Social E-Commerce Activity Growing
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015
Separating iPhones From Owners Causes Anxiety, Cognitive Decline, Study Says
Mobile Entertainment Pushes Past $9 Billion Annually
How To Use SEO To Boost Your Brand's YouTube Channel
Google Launches Domains In Beta
DMA Supports White House's Push For Data-Breach Law
Consumers Don't Practice What They Preach In Online Shopping, Sharing Trends
Forget The Distractions - What Marketers Really Need To Take From CES
75% Of APAC Marketers To Increase Data-Driven Spend In 2015
Sideswipes: Embodied Media
NRF & the Mobile Path to Purchase
Social Nets Help Propel Digital Video Ads To $7.7B
Digital Engagement Index
Twitter Plans Ads For Consumers Who Don't Use Twitter
More Smartphone Owners Turning to Commerce
International Fair to Use Beacons for Attendees
Is Apple Watch Going To Be Powerful Platform for Advertising?
Marc Andreessen Turns His Blog Into An Ebook
How To Explain The High Cost Of Link Development
Google Not Among Those That Signed Student Privacy Pledge
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 12, 2015
U.S. Marketers Spending More On Search, Programmatic With Higher Returns
Technology Marketing Chart Shows Exploding Landscape
Seeking Penicillin For A Nasty Dose
Beacons Coming to the Apple Watch for Grocery Shopping
French Google Fund Pays To Run Special Edition Of 'Charlie Hebdo'
The Battle For Mobile OS Dominance
Local SEO Professionals Face New Opportunities With IoT
Facebook Acquires Quickfire
Google Updates Translate To Take On Skype
Golden Globes Generates 2.6M Twitter Tweets
Digital Entertainment Trumping Home Sales
Facebook Pursuit Of Xiaomi Investment Fails, Company Valued At $45B
Revenue Growth Finally Becomes Top Marketing Metric In 2015: Report
The Journey Is The Message At Videoschmooze
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 9, 2015
Malware Advertising Infects HuffPo, Yahoo News, AOL's Ad Network, Match, TMZ, Many More
Is Microsoft About To Launch Spartan, New Browser?
What Digital Marketers Can Expect In 2015
Google Readies U.S. Auto Insurance Comparison Site - And It's Just The Beginning
Is Google Getting A Warning From Tesco?
Hear, Hear: Brands Not Tapping Potential Of Social Listening To Support Search Campaigns
Will Apple Renew Its Google Contract?
Twitter To Create Video Ad Unit
Debating The Buy Now Button On Search Engines
Box Files For IPO
Digital Engagement Index
Bing's Book Carousel Makes The Rounds
Password Sniffer Helps Users Save Email Passwords
Spam Targets Gmail Users
JetBlue Launches Humorous Digital Video Series On In-flight Etiquette
Digital Radio Rising Fast, Audio Streaming Up 26%
Dear Advertiser, What Is It Exactly You Want From Us?
Beating The Bots -- 3 Top Tips To Success
Facebook Is A 'Home Base' For Many, And Increasingly, A Video Hub, Too
CE Forecast Continues To Shine
5 Predictions For 2015
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015
Google Losing Market Share To Yahoo
Yahoo Stakeholder Starboard Pressures Mayer To Push AOL Merger
IgnitionOne Focuses On Mobile, Finding Unattributed Conversions
Microsoft Launches Cross-Platform Ads On MSN Apps
Intent-Based Marketing On The Rise: Yieldbot Passes 1 Billion User Sessions Milestone
Broadband-Only Homes Accelerate Cable TV Declines
Combining Search Extensions To Yield Higher Returns
Google Capital Invests In Real Estate Company CommonFloor
Farewell, Search Insider -- It's Been Fun!
The Data DNA Behind The Person
Is Google Getting A Warning From Tesco?
Will A Customer-Centric Brand Disrupt Teen Fashion in 2015?
Swipe Right: What Can Tinder Teach Brands About Mobile Creative?
On Finding the Hidden Beacon Network at CES
Here's The Kind Of Mergers And Acquisitions The Ad World Will See In 2015
Apple Has Momentum Going Into Apple Watch Launch
Advertisers And Tech Companies To Collaborate On Internet Of Things Standards
Mall Operator Starts Testing Beacons
Standard for Beacon-Like Wi-Fi Proposed
Consumers Slow to Adopt Certain Technologies, Says Study
Click-To-Call Volume Rising With Mobile Use
Six Things You Won't Believe Happened At CES. #5 Is EVERYTHING!
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015
Intel Shows Google, Microsoft How To Build Tiny Wearables, Big Robots, Hovering Drones At CES
Online Returns Still Too Difficult, Per Retale Study
Why Marketers Need Content Analytics
Digital-Only Reps Push Uptick In Local Media Sales
At CES, Automakers Offer Huge Menu Of Technology, Real And Experimental
Predictions That Could Shape Search In 2015
Google Could Bid On Mobile Wavelength
Media/Tech Deals Dollar Volume Rises
WhatsApp Hits 700M Monthly Users
Google, YouTube Roll Out Video Viewability Reporting
Google Retiring TV Updates Focusing On Android TV
Major Restructuring At Saatchi & Saatchi
Beacons in Trends for Next Year
Budweiser's Super Bowl Line-up Includes Puppies, Kings, And Pac-Man
Google Names Programmatic Video Marketplace Partners: Fox News, HGTV, Netflix On Board
Connected Cars Wired to Shop
GPS Watch Lets You Keep Tabs On Your Kids
A New Super Bowl Advertiser Uses Teases and Former Stars To Make Its Debut
Bluetooth at CES Gives Beaconing a Boost
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015
CEA Hardware Growth Predictions At CES Will Influence Search Campaigns
Yahoo Wants To Buy A Cable TV Network: Would Network Want To Be Bought?
Flurry Tracking Mobile App Sessions In Wearables
CES Innovations & Not Ignoring the Smartphone
GM's AtYourService Program Connects Marketers To Local Search In Cars
Google Says Treating Broadband As Utility Will Boost Fiber Rollout
Global Mobile Marketers Need To Hone Strategies, Localization Efforts
Data Management Remains Important For Marketers In 2015
4 Key Trends For Healthcare Marketers In 2015
Hoping For Social; Depending On Email
Verizon CEO Rejects Rumors Of AOL Bid
Things And Things And More Things Connected As CES Opens
SapientNitro, R/GA, frog Lead In Innovation, Forrester Reports
Pre-Real-Time: Apple Watch Gets Programmatic Support Months Before Launch
Facebook Extends Mobile Mission, Buys App Maker
Digital Engagement Index
Google Capital Co-Leads Glassdoor $70 Million Funding Round
Verizon Might Be Eyeing AOL For Takeover
Explaining Amazon's Fire Phone Debacle
Bing, Another Day, Another Rumor
Google Sells Birthright Visitors On Israel
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 5, 2015
Confronting Goliath To Find Marketing's Emotional Triggers
Disservice With A Smile
Havas, Universal Music Alliance Taps Behavioral Data For Insight Into Musical Tastes, Perceptions
Data Becomes CES Rising Star For Advertisers
Year-End Performance Review: I'm Confused
Yahoo, Bing Search Services Back Up After Friday Outage
The New Appointment TV: YouTube
Top Reads Cover Gamut From Cars To Research To Feminine Hygiene
10 Reasons To Be Optimistic About 2015
Real-Time Analytics To Shift From 'Descriptive To Prescriptive'
Digital Engagement Index
We Are Doing Digital Wrong
Mobile's Best Brands: Walgreens, Home Depot, L'Oreal, Sephora
Ad Tech Leading The 'New' AOL
Catching Up With The Country's First Female CTO
Pinterest Ads Will Look Like Pinterest Posts
Fred Wilson: Apple Watch Will Flop In 2015
Google Brings Chromecast Tech To Speakers
Google Piracy Takedown Requests Rise
Tech Industry's Diversity Problem Worse Than Imagined
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