Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for May 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 14, 2015
Wolfram Alpha Introduces Reverse Image Search
Bing Shares Details Of Its Mobile Algorithm Roadmap
Amazon Sends Clouds To School
H&M Launches Recruiting Campaign To Search For Employee Talent
Google PR Pro Jumps To Uber
The Paradox Of Hispanic SEO
Amazon Releases Advertising Platform For Mobile Apps
Mobile Marketing Complexity Shouldn't Scare Brands Away
54% of Location-Targeted Mobile Ads Off By More Than Half a Mile
Tips For Using Google Dynamic Search In AdWords
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 13, 2015
YouTube Searches On How-To Videos Surge 70%; Search Marketers Need Spontaneity
Zeta Gets Creative, Releases Next Stage Of Dynamic Ad Targeting
Verizon's, AOL's Data Trove
Instagram Looking To Improve Search Functions
How Marketers Can Adjust To Google's Mobile Algorithm
Magnetic, TripleLift Partner For Intent-Based Native Ads
Android Passes iOS In Ad Revenues
Ad Industry Opposes Illinois Data Breach Bill
My Binge-Clicking Experiment Reveals The Web Is Too Targeted
Viewability Proves Mobile And Video Go Hand In Hand
Google's "Right To Be Forgotten" Policy Averaging 70% Refusal Rate
Google Releases App For Apple Watch
Consumers Don't Want Their Data Sold
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Verizon, AOL Acquisition Seen As Boon For Mobile, Search
Mobile Ascends The Throne Of Search
Toys "R" Us Plans In-Store Mobile Search Feature
Google Shuts Down Map Maker To Improve Spam Detection
Meet Storm, A Private Search Engine That Gives To Charity
Internet Of Things Driving M&A
Viewability Proves Mobile And Video Go Hand In Hand
Google Expands Ad Industry Dominance, Facebook Catching Up
AOL Could Spin Off Huffington Post For $1B
Android Passes iOS In Ad Revenues
Tier 2 Auto Still Means Old-School TV, Print And Classifieds
LinkedIn Shares Data With Independent Researchers
AOL + Verizon = Scale Of Google, Facebook
A Brand's First Impression On Apple Watch
Sideswipes: What Will The Future Feel Like?
Mobile Advertising Has A Measurement Problem
Jobcase Launches Professional Network For Everyone Else
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, May 11, 2015
Google Leads As Facebook Takes A Bite Of Its Tail
Facebook Challenges Google, Bing, Tests In-App Keyword Search Engine
How To Create Share Worthy Content, Not The Fast Food Style
Fraud Ad List Unveiled At IAB
Baidu Launches Internal Investigation
Glimpzlt Gives Marketers Tool To Analyze Consumer Behavior Via Visuals
IAB Launches Data Program To Aid Digital, Marketing Execs
Comparing Apples To Androids: Google's Platform Nudges Ahead Of IoS Ad Revenue
Facebook Unveils Deep Linking for Mobile App Installs
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 8, 2015
Facebook Follows Search, Steps Up Deep-Linking Options
Google Opens First Startup Campus In Seoul
Gender Influences Mobile App Behaviors
Google Moves Order Taking, Appointment Booking To Search Engine, Maps
Appy Awards Search Tools, Blippar
Uber reportedly Makes Bid For Nokia's Here Mapping Service
Appy Awards Search Tools, ShadeScout
Appy Awards Search Tools, Handpick
Rebrand or Redirect?
When Web, Technology Automatically Identifies The Caller
'When Is Mother's Day' Search Phrases Make A Comeback
Bing Updates Search Movie Guide Based On User Feedback
Google Finds 46% Of Video Ads Are Never Seen, Measures Viewable Impressions
Privacy Group Backs Users Against Google And Viacom
Google Readying A la Carte App Permission System
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 7, 2015
Google Launches Cloud Bigtable, Gets Ahead In The Service That Indexes The Web
Google, Amazon Same-Day Delivery Via Drone Moves Closer To Reality After FAA Agrees To Run Tests
Google Names Ad Networks Responsible For Ad Injectors
Yahoo's Flurry Supports Analytics For Apple Watch
Why Multiple Match Types For The Same Keyword Pays
For Best Results: Big Data, Meet Media Research
Ad Industry To Start Enforcing Mobile Privacy Rules In September
Google Shutters PageSpeed Service
Google, LinkedIn Vying For Same Property To Build New HQ
How Programmatic Influences Customer Journeys
Facebook Bows New Native Ad Tools For Audience Network
How Bots Take a Bite Out of Bottom Lines
Marketing On Demand
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Google Gives Baidu A Nod, Adds Capability To Manage Campaigns In DoubleClick Search
Google Mobile Searches Surpass Desktop
12 Rounds Of Search Marketing Insights From Mayweather And Pacquiao
Google AdWords Announces Tools, Formats For Search, Display
Five Deadly SEO Replatform Sins
Venture Capitalists Invested Nearly $41 Million In U.S. Mobile Search Companies In 2014
How Data Turned A Memoir Into Showtime Hit 'House Of Lies'
Facebook, IBM Partner For Ad Targeting, Personalized Brand Experience
Apple Confirms Its Support Doc Applebot Indexes Web For Siri, Spotlight
Yahoo Chief 'Put More Pressure' On Microsoft To Make A Better Search Product
Here's Another Microsoft App Powered By Bing Technology
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Why The Search For Beauty Care Products Takes Longer
Brands Derail Social Ad Campaigns, Sending Consumers Searching For Where To Buy Products
App Targets Mobile Shoppers in Malls
Five Deadly SEO Replatform Sins
Alaska Airlines Gets To Know Its Customers Offline Through Online Data
A Manual For A Better Target On Your Back
Google DoubleClick Revises Its Approach To Creative Ad Development
Why The Demise Of Gmail Grid View Is Good For Marketers
Google Grabs Task, Calendar App Timeful
Google Gets Social With "Collections"
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, May 4, 2015
Google Opens Door To Mobile Search Competition
Facebook Appeals To Developers, Launches Internet.Org Project
Will Microsoft Acquire Salesforce?
Searches Celebrating Mom Show Trend Toward Experiences
YP Taps Country Artist Jake Owen To Make Every Day Local
Google+ Tests Collections
Gravity4 Buys adX Search To Take On Oracle, Salesforce
Google Cloud Investments Rise, Officially Joins Rocket Open-Source Project
Google's $8.5 Million Privacy Settlement Faces Appeal
Beacon Program Drives 20% Conversion Rate
MRC Weighs In On Mobile 'Viewability,' Adds 'Loaded Ad' Criterion
Amazon's Voice Assistant Now Supports Gmail
Gannett: Personalization, Data Capture Will Drive Growth For Premium Publishers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 1, 2015
Technology Fails. Get Used To It
Google Lets Developers Pull Voice Search Into Apps
EU Focuses On Data Use, Search By U.S. Sites
Mississippi Attorney General Fights To Keep MPAA Material Private
Talklocal Turns To Technology To Further Automate Service Requests
Google's Mobile-Friendly Overhaul Shakes Up Search Results
Microsoft, University Demonstrate Latest Use For HoloLens Suitor Speculation: Google?
An Eye For Effective Marketing
Viacom Move To Audience-Based Metrics Pays Off
Hola! Hispanic Ad Spending Jumps
Beacons Tested for Researching Shopper Behavior
Shopping Apps Launch for Apple Watch
Wave Goodbye To Traditional Radio Spots And Say Hello To Custom Content
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