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Beacons Tested for Researching Shopper Behavior

Market research firm Verve is piloting the use of beacon technology to gather automated data regarding shopper behavior and interests for its retailer customers. To date, a handful of its customers—typically, large supermarkets and other retailers—are serving as test sites for the technology, which consists of beacons installed around store shelves, point-of-sale counters and entrances, as well as an app to help the company collect data about the locations and movements of shoppers who are members of its research panel. Verve serves its retailer customers by conducting marketing research based on panel members' interests. Each year, it conducts hundreds of research projects for clients, such as global food and drug stores and their suppliers. Verve collects data from the its panel of consumers, and then uses that information to create reports so its clients can better understand the success of their own marketing efforts, which products are of interest to buyers, and when and where sales occur, as well as improve on marketing or product placement as necessary. The panels consist of shoppers who answer questionnaires about their experiences at stores and their own preferences.



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