Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for May 2017
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Google I/O Leads Into Marketing Next 2017
Google Makes Changes To Quality Score Reporting
Brands See Consumer Loyalty Shift In adMarketplace Paid Ad Model
Google IoT Core Service Manages Data, Devices
Google Can Keep Trademark, Court Says
IAB Tech Lab Officially Releases Dynamic Content Ad Standard
MRC Makes Digital Audience-Based Measurement Standards Available For Comment
Broadband Privacy Bill Unveiled In New Jersey
Yahoo Tells Users It Is Shutting Down Its Email App for Windows 10: Report
Google Voice Assistant Coming To iPhones
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, May 15, 2017
The CMO's Role When Choosing Ad, Marketing Tech
Google Integrates Android OS In Cars: Partners With Audi, Volvo
Google To Enforce New Ad Policies For AdSense, DoubleClick For Publishers
United Airlines: A Reminder Of Why Marketers Must Manage Reputations On Google
Outbrain Launches Lookalike Audience Offering To Reach New Customers
Dentsu Reports Q1 Organic Growth Of 3.9%
Educating On 'Fake History' Vs. 'Fake News'
Lyft And Waymo Will Be Sharing Rides
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 12, 2017
Cheetah Mobile: How Video Ads Complement The Media Mix
BIA/Kelsey Estimates Local Ad Spending In California To Reach $18.5B In 2017
Google And Ad Blockers: Can They Eliminate Bad Ads?
LiveWorld Paves The Way For Brand, Consumer Connection Through Chatbots
Uber Could Face Charges For Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets From Google
Mother's Day Trends To Remember After The Holiday
Facebook Ramps Up Efforts To Control Disruptive Content, Ads On News Feed
Edmunds' Auto Info Incorporated Into Amazon Echo
Ensuring Viewability Across Emerging Channels
Measuring Up: B2B Email And the Attribution Challenge
Fixing Digital Publishing's Dirty Little Secret
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 11, 2017
Misleading Searches Derail Purchases, Privacy And Keyword Use Are Key
Amazon Echo Gains Sponsored Messages Ad Platform
Google Contributed $51B To California's Economic Growth In 2016
WPP's Sorrell: Amazon Search Threat To Google
Facebook Cracks Down On Low-Quality Web Sites
Added Plus: Zenith Rebrands To Showcase Its New ROI+ Agency Approach
YouTube Serves Up A Billion Hours Of Video A Day
Can A Modern Brand Trust 'Artificial' Intuition?
Google Grabs VR Content Studio Owlchemy Labs
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Microsoft Digs Into AI Through Image, Video, Search
Didit Acquires The Halo Group To Build A Full-Service Agency
Microsoft To Build AI Into Everything
McDonald's Moving Away From Using Its Mobile App As 'Promotional' Tool
Behavorial Changes Seen More In Men Who Own Virtual Assistants
Rocket Fuel Launches Anti-Malvertising Platform Via AI & Google Cloud
Machine Learning Is The Present And Future
MMA Working Groups To Address Concerns Over 'Walled Gardens,' Data Quality
The View From Pinterest: New Features, Forecasts, Personnel Shifts
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Machine Reading To Change Human, Search Engine Interactions
Macy's, JCPenney Losing Search Clicks To Newcomers Like Rent The Runway
Amazon Lets Alexa Answer And Make Calls, Retrieve Messages
The Rules Of Modern Attribution
WPP's POSSIBLE Acquires Amazon Ecommerce Specialist
Integral Ad Science Expands Brand Safety Offering Globally
55% Want To Use Voice To Control Entertainment Devices
How Advertisers Give Credit Via Multi-touch Attribution
Disruption In The Rear-View Mirror
Facebook Looks For TV Shows, Too
Verizon CMO Says Its Content Will Take On YouTube, Facebook
Amazon Launching Echo With Video Screen
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, May 8, 2017
Microsoft, Samsung Call-Enabled Speaker Features Cortana, Skype
Why? Artificial Intelligence To Provide An Explanation
Warren Buffett Admits To Making A Mistake About Google
eMarketer: 60M Americans To Use Virtual Assistants Once Monthly In 2017
Ad-Tech Consortium Sets Deadline For People-Based Programmatic Advertising Specs
AI Comes To Ecommerce Site Search
Data Is Now The World's Most Valuable Resource
Whirlpool Acquires Recipe Search Engine
Procter & Gamble Says Bye-Bye To Programmatic Partner AudienceScience
WPP To Manage Paid Search For British Airways
U.K. Retail Searches Rise 7% In First-Quarter 2017
Omnicom, WPP and Dentsu Aegis Increase Transparency In Reports
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 5, 2017
Predictive Analytics, AI Shave Time From Google AdWords Campaign Management
Data Shows 5% Drop In Google Preferred YouTube Channel Advertisers In April
BloomReach Unveils AI-Powered Digital Experience Platform For Content Personalization
engage:BDR Moves Into Social To Connect Brands With Influencers
Tipsy Elves Sues Rival Over Google Ads
Paid Search And Social Ad Spend Continues Y-O-Y Double Digit Growth
New Ad-Tech Consortium Aims To Rival Facebook, Google On Targeting Front
Not Sure PPAs Are The Future of Advertising, Either
High-Flying Criteo Reports $517M Q1 Revenue, 29% Increase YoY
Redefining Conversion: The New (And Shorter) Path To Purchase For CPGs
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Uses NewFronts To Apologize
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 4, 2017
Search: Facebook Moves From Friends To Community Spins Off From Parent TEGNA, Finds Independence
FADEL Enters Advertising Space, Automates Digital Asset Distribution Rights
Facebook Denies Targeting Youths Based On Emotional State
Google AdExchange Takes A Slide In Mobile App Inventory Rankings
Twitter, Facebook And Google Sued By Families Of San Bernardino Victims
Facebook Adds Media Monitors To Review Violent Videos
Google Or Blind Programmatic? Which Is The Brand Safety's Arch Villain?
Seattle Passes Tough Broadband Privacy Rules
Google Probes Malicious Email Spam Attack
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Search's Future Depends On Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple Among Highest-Paid Summer Tech Interns
Three-Quarters Of Ad Buyers Lack Knowledge Of Brand Safety Measures
Amazon, Google 'Most Loved' Brands
Horizon Study Explores 'Needs States' Of Mobile Users
IT Decision Makers 'Always On,' But Often On Different Platforms
Pokemon Go Defeats Lawsuit Over Privacy Policy
Is Google's Chrome Going To Block Ads Or Not?
Survey Finds 41% Of Consumers Rarely Trust The Ads They're Shown
Apple Has More Cash Than Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft Combined
Axel Springer To Drop Google For AppNexus
News Corp. Aims To Make A Dent In Google's Ad Dominance
Slack Adds Advanced Search Feature
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