Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for February 2021
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 26, 2021
Where Marketers Plan To Spend Local Budgets In 2021
Facebook Breaks Ads Attacking Apple, Defends Personalized Targeting
Amazon's Twitch Refuses To Run Parent Company's Union Ads
TikTok, Facebook Are America's Least-Trusted Platforms, 61% Want Tech Giants Regulated
Five Steps Forward, One Step Back: U.S. Ad Economy Recedes 4.6% In January
Japan Reports Worst Ad Year Since Great Recession, 2020 Surpassed Declines Of Earthquake
Why Are Media Aggregator Impressions Uptrending? Is CTV Losing Share To Mobile?
Brand-Related Topics Continue To Dominate Marketers' Attention
Nielsen: Podcast Listeners Are Extremely Diverse, Highly Inclined To Act On Ads
How Will Publishers Respond To The Cookiepocalypse?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021
Pinterest Makes Bets On Augmented Reality
Google Sued In Washington State Over Political Ads -- Again
The Role Of SEO In The Modern-Day Marketing Stack
COVID-19 Ads Peaked At Nearly A Fifth Of All TV Commercials In Q2 2020
'National Geographic' Offers Augmented Reality Show From Mars
COVID-19 Changed The Advertising Playbook -- Now What?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021
Despite What You Think, Brands Have An Eye On Consumer Needs
Centro Acquires Paid-Search Ad Platform To Build Into Basis
Google To Remove Showcase Shopping Ads
2020 Gaming Benchmark Report Shows How COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Behaviors
Judge Won't Block California Net Neutrality Rules
Q4 CTV Ad Impressions Drop Slightly, Desktop Video Grows
FTC To Tackle 'Dark Patterns'
The CX Squeeze: Are Brands Really Ready For The Digital Future?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021
COVID Forces Marketers To Rethink Business Models
VidMob Raises $50 Million From Adobe, Shutterstock, Others
Spotify To Create Audio Ad Marketplace
Google Ends Political Ads Pause
Firefox Unveils New Tool To Prevent Cookie-Based Tracking
Facebook Drops Australian News Ban, Negotiates Payments, After Law Amendments
Microsoft Emerges As Unlikely Ally To Publishers In Sharing Ad Revenue
Adding OTT/CTV To Movie, TV Show Promo Campaigns Pays
Are You Hearing All Customers' Voices?
Google Adds Privacy Labels To Gmail App
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 22, 2021
When Alexa And Google Offer Unsolicited Advice
YouTube Releases List Of 2020 U.S. Bumper Ads Leaderboard -- Top 6-Second Ads
Why Target, Home Depot Saw Biggest Gains In Google Search Visibility During Pandemic
Microsoft Joins Coalition Of European Publishers To Mandate News Payments
Dispelling Attribution Myths: Why Google Analytics, Google Ads Data Doesn't Always Match
MRC Issues OTT, CTV, SSAI Draft: Will Be Considered For Future Accreditation
Ford, Tesla, Walmart, Lowe's Among Companies Helping South
Amazon Is Millennials' No. 1 Brand. So Is Purpose-Driven Marketing Fruitless?
Finding The Right Context: Is All Content Created Equal?
Maryland's Digital Ad Tax Is Harmful To Publishers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 19, 2021
Google Offers Ways To Improve Attribution, Performance As COVID Lockdowns Ease Locally
Uber Gets Google To Pull UberCheats From Chrome Store
J.B. Hunt, Google Partnership Has Much More Potential Than Improving Transportation
Study Finds 66% Of Marketers Say Audience Beats Context -- But Publishers Disagree
Brand Safety For CTV Comes First, Performance Is A Close Second
Maryland Ad Tax Will Backfire, Business Groups Argue In Court Challenge
Consumers Seek Relationships That Go Beyond Just Selling: Study
Facebook's Block On News Sharing In Australia Has Familiar Ring
How To Build Support For A Customer Data Platform
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021
Google Services Just The Beginning Of Subscription-Based Offers In 2021
IAB CEO David Cohen Reveals ALM's Diverse Agenda
Murdoch Forces Google's Hand With Payment Plan For News
Facebook Cuts Off Australian News After Media Payments Law Passes House
Nielsen Launches Identity Sync, New Global Attribution System
Comscore, MediaMath Launch Programmatic Contextual Targeting In Latin America
TVSquared, Experian Team For Deterministic Advanced TV Ad Measurement
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021
Why NetElixir Is Betting Big On Sweden And Other Nordic Countries
YouTube Reveals Product Roadmap For 2021, From Commerce To TV
Voice Of The Customer As Media Strategy
People Spend Nearly 2 1/2 Hours Daily On Social Media
Pandemic Accelerated Shift To Digital, And Nobody Is Going Back: Study
Ad Price Inflation Resumes, 3% Rise Forecast For 2021
News Corp. Strikes Global News Payment Deal With Google, Emphasizes Australia
Taboola Uses AI, Deep Learning To Build Personalized Loyalty Segments For Publishers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021
Moz Hires Expert In Quantitative, Data-Driven Approach
Analyzing Super Bowl Ad Viewer Behavior Shows A Different Outcome
John Sculley's Zeta Global Appoints Chief Data Officer
Google To Pay $1.3M For Misleading Star Ratings For Hotels In France
Best & Worst Jingles: Proof That Annoying Ads Can Work
Michael T Jones, The Man Who Gave The World Google Earth
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 15, 2021
Mobile And Video Call Use Rises, But At What Environmental Cost?
ByteDance Reportedly Calls Off Oracle, Walmart Deal
Fewer Ads: The Switch From Google To DuckDuckGo
Arizona, North Dakota Mobile App Laws Could Have Major Implications For Developers, Apple, Google
Facebook Algo Rejecting Clothing Ads Made For People With Disabilities
Marketing Data Threatens Military Unity
Horizon Next's President On The Future Of Metrics, Measurement
Yandex Says It Caught Employee Selling Access To Inboxes
Microsoft's Argument That Google Should Pay For News Is Flawed
Hypersonix And Relationshop Partner On Shopper Journey Platform
Bravo Voucher To Hike Alongside Digital Trails
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