Video Daily Editions for February 2014
Video Daily - Friday, Feb. 28, 2014
BuzzFeed Compiles Listicle of How Much Media Companies Make Per Employee
Everything Becomes Television; FreeWheel Points To How Online Content Is Going That Way
And The Oscar Goes To... Online Film Trailers!
Pepsi Max 'Test Drive 2' Pulls 4M Views In 24 Hours
Netflix Revenue Higher Than Many Cable Channels (Not HBO, Yet)
Who Says Native Can't Go Programmatic (Or Is It That Programmatic Can't Go Native)?
SpotXchange Bolsters European Team
Netflix Mixing It Up With Popular Gadgets
Among Millennials, Hashtags Are The #NewURLs
Forecast: Twitter's Ad Engagement, Growth Fall, Will Slow To 6% By 2018
Mobile Videos Stall Out
Katy Perry's New Video Gets A Little Trim After Muslim Complaint
Farmers Up In Arms Over 'Farmed And Dangerous'
Making Sense of Programmatic Buying
Zefr Raises $30M, Pushes Social, Video Brand Connections
Hispanic Consumers Embrace Social Media, Mobile
ULTA's 'Trading Faces' Is An Ideal Brand Showcase In Need Of Minor Tweaks
Netflix Nails Amazon Drones In Video
Video Daily - Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014
Your Remote Control Is Also Your Phone, Most Likely. Or It Will Be
Tumblr Names Yahoo Exec As Media Head To Develop Brand Partnerships
What Are You Streaming?
Time Inc. Taps Google For Programmatic Sales
Gaming Oscar Night Buzz
McDonald's Latest Brand To Employ Snapchat
Solving Media Buyers' Flat Earth Syndrome
How Do Brands Define Success On Mobile Video?
Three Reasons Why Native Advertising Won't Scale For RTB
Forget The Selfie: Momentage App Combines Photos & Videos To Tell Story
Boom In Internet Also Means Another Place For Regular Old TV Commercials
'Farmed and Dangerous' Wins Cannes Accolade
A Glimpse At Excellent Long-Form Online Ads From All Over The World
YouTube Keeps Teens Coming Back
Facebook Touts AARP And American Legacy Foundation Campaigns, Aims At TV
Video Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014
'House Of Cards': Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Cablevision Ups Revs, But Loses Video Subscribers
Subscription Vs. Free: The Future of Short-Form Vs. Long-Form Video
90% Of Trading Desks Buy Mobile Inventory Via Automation, Ad Spend Set To Double
Millennials Influenced By Peers; Women Share More
OpenX Debuts Native Mobile Ad Exchange
TV Is Dead; Long Live TV
Univision Taps Ooyala For TV Everywhere Platform
VivaKi Joins OpenVV Group
Selfies Blamed For Spreading Head Lice
YouTube Keeps Teens Coming Back
Now Disney Is Anywhere, Too
Sony's PlayStation 4 Has Decided To Make Game Playing More Social
'Only Organic' Launches Video Campaign
AR, Advertisements Come To Google Glass
Video Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014
Is January Just a Bad Month For Online Video?
Budweiser Wants MLB's Opening Day Declared National Holiday
Amazon Tiptoes Into Pre-Roll Advertising, Signaling A Threat to YouTube
Four of Five American Consumers Ignore Online Ads Most Frequently
AT&T, Verizon In TV-Video Talks With Netflix
Disney Makes Movies Mobile With "Anywhere" App
Of Bulls, Bears And Flappy Birds
Rovi Buys Veveo, Adds Content, Search Tools
Is Hulu's 'Farmed and Dangerous' Native Advertising for Chipotle's?
In Wake Of Comcast/TWC Merger, What Does John Malone Do Now?
Universal McCann Exec Cohen Thinks IAB Will Put Spotlight On Viewablility This Year
Growing Hispanic Population Requires Brands To Rethink Search, Social Marketing
P&G's 'Connected Bathroom' Includes Smart Toothbrush
Facebook Eliminates Sponsored Stories - Will it Matter to Advertisers?
Hyperbabble Of The Day
Video Daily - Monday, Feb. 24, 2014
As Tablets, Smartphones and Web Alternatives Grow, Reaching Voters Gets Tough, New Political Survey Says
Accenture Video, Google Glass Explore Wearable Tech For Interactive TV
'House Of Cards' And A Reminder Of Spoiler Etiquette
NBC News Goes Native, Produces And Airs :30s For Xerox
The End Of The Rube Goldberg Ad-Tech Stack
Netflix Gets Faster Connection Via Comcast
WWE Network Begins Online Tuesday
The WhatsApp Founders Hate Ads -- And That's a Good Thing for Facebook
Zuckerberg Highlights Initiatives, WhatsApp Role
Facebook Video Use Rises Sharply Ahead Of Ad Launch
In Some Towns, Misery Loves (Advertising) Companies
Meet the Man Four Years Ahead Of AdWords
Oracle's BlueKai Acquisition Fills Gap In Advertising Supply Chain
It's Hard to Get an Audience for Live Video, Print Newsies Are Discovering
Video Daily - Friday, Feb. 21, 2014
120 Sports, New Proof That Info Media Shorts Beat Long Every Time
Despite Its Oxymoronic Nature, 'Programmatic Native' Is A Conversation We're Having
Google Acquires To Fight Ad Fraud
Celebrities Continue To Add Star Power To Viral Ad Strategies
Demos Split On TV Viewing: Millennials Favor Streaming Sites, VOD
Connected TV Use Grows 19% Year-Over-Year
Video, TV Programmatic Media Buying Needs Better Tools, Methods To Avoid Disruption
Rocket Fuel Revenue Up Big YoY; Mobile Accounts For 19% In Q4
'American Idol' Triumphant: Fox Has Found A Way To Keep Viewers Watching During Commercials!
A New "Anti-Social" Video Is Going Viral
How Do You Market To A Generation In Flux?
Same Old Same Old: How Online Ads Get Familiar Way Too Fast
Are You Doing Your Part To Save Twitter?
Amazon Steps Up Its Game Overseas
Cox Begins Selling Linear TV Inventory Programmatically
Amazon Readying Set-Top Box
Video Daily - Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014
TiVo Research Says Millennials Like TV, Just Not Necessarily From A Network
AdRoll Steps Up Mobile Game, Now Supports Cross-Device Retargeting
Jordan Levin Heads for Xbox
Facebook Pays Dearly To Stay Hip - $19B For WhatsApp
Poptip Joins Instagram Gold Rush
A Station's Sportcaster Goes Viral on Somebody Else's YouTube Channel. Should They Care?
Aereo Prohibited From Streaming TV Shows In Six States
Yahoo Opens Gemini Marketplace For Native, Mobile Search Ads
Old Spice Site Shows Power Of Hair Via Huey Lewis Songs
Best Practices Of Brand And Political Marketers: The Candidate As Considered Purchase
Budweiser Unveils World Cup Teaser
Pizza Hut Red-faced Over Whizzing Video
The Golden Age Of Binging
'Tonight' Is Fallon's Chance To Bridge Generation Gaps
TaylorMade Jet Speeds Are 'Go'
The Mobilization Of Music Video
Video Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014
Short Story: Vevo's Music Videos Feel Right At Home On Mobile, Tablets, Even As Longform Grows
Marketers Plan Surge In 'Social Media' Spending, But Don't Know How To Quantify Its Impact
MGM, Amazon Make a Deal for MTV's 'Teen Wolf' and Movies
The Year Of Sports Video
Mobile RTB Platform Opens Office In New York
Ad Tech Members Form Council To Combat 'Impression Fraud'
Our Most Underused Resource: Intuition
Oberto's Protein Builds Pro Athletes
Not Conversant with Conversant? It Used to be ValueClick
The Time For Transparency In Display Is Now
Oscars Expected To Pull In $100 Million In Ad Revs
Boston Start-Up Launches Google Glass Alternative
Social Media Lie Detector In The Works
AP Microsites Shine During Winter Olympics
Video Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014
Believe and Hulu Put Some of Their Money on a Game Show, and Win
Ogilvy Signs On To Test Madison Avenue's New ':30,' Captures 5,500 Bits Of Data About You
'Much Content Is Sub-Par': Q&A With Meredith Content Marketing EVP
Google, Magna Global Strike Multimillion-Dollar Upfront Partnership
There's An Algorithm For That
New Tech Rewards Viewers For Engaging With Pre-Roll Ads
The Definition Of An Ad Impression
And Now, Here's Jimmy Fallon, On NBC and, Significantly, Online
U.S. Car Buyers Not Swayed By Social Media
Users Get New Opt-Out Site For Location Tracking
Netflix Buys First Season Of NBC's 'Crossing Lines'
5 Key Questions To Ask With Location-Based Mobile Advertising In 2014
How Can I Be Helpful To You?
Who Do You Trust?
In-App Advertising Will Grow to $5.6B by 2017, Driven by Video
Facebook Tightening Grip On News Media
Video Daily - Monday, Feb. 17, 2014
Amazon Prime's Viewer Vote on New Series Seems Democratic...and Timid
Honda And Smart Sing Love Songs For V-Day
Major YouTube Channels Starting Their Own Ad Association
Salon Records Big Rise In Ad Revs, Visitors
New Research from Tremor Shows Video Has Big Role in Home Improvement Buys
Bruised Barbie's Social Storm Heads To Target
How Big Are GoPro's Media Ambitions?
YouTube Viewers Name 'Puppy Love' 2014 Ad Blitz Winner
CBS' Revenue Projections Give Aereo Ammunition In Utah
New Comcast Deal Might Hurt Cord-Cutters
What Comes After Video Viewability?
Microsoft And Starcom To Bring Video Content Across Screens
3 Legal Trends That Will Impact Advertisers in 2014
Comcast (Merger) Must Die
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