Video Daily Editions for March 2016
Video Daily - Thursday, March 31, 2016
Over Half Of 13-24s In Study Use Ad Blockers
Mobile First? New Research Says Not So Fast
Facebook Has NO Shortage Of Young Users
TLC Launches Video Hub For Social Media Stars
Johnson's Baby Offers Sleep Tips To Stressed Parents
Can Facebook Monetize Live?
Instagram Expands Stream Limits To 1 Minute
Synergy At Last: Disney XD Packaging Some Maker Videos
Influencer Marketing + Native Is A Powerful Combo
Nike Puts Fans In Turkey's Halftime Locker Room With 360-Degree Ad
Playing Their 'Cards' Right
Snapchat Takes On WhatsApp With Latest Update
Are BuzzFeed And Red Bull Showing 'The Times' How To Do Media?
Microsoft Plans To Build Ad Blocker Into Its Microsoft Edge Browser
Use The Full Social Ecosystem To Leverage Digital Transformation
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Fullscreen Goes OTT, A Play For YouTube Fans
Millennials and GenXers Catch Up With VOD
Broadway's 'School Of Rock' Uses YouTube To Promote Musical
Sound And Fury Intensifies In Music Streaming Wars
'Today' Green Room Starts Live Telecast On Facebook
Study: Voters Prefer To Interact With Candidates In Person Than On Social Media
FCC Commissioner Wants Netflix Investigated For 'Misrepresentations'
Live TV, DVR Viewing Rises, Even As Pay TV Shrinks
AT&T Increases U-Verse Data Caps, But Expands Enforcement
AOL Chief Tim Armstrong's Gambit To Build A Digital-Ad Empire At Verizon
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Ace Metrix Says Native and TV Ads Good Together
Millennials Prefer Streaming For Watching And Social For Purchase Influence
Netflix Lets You Be As Bad As You Wanna Be
Next 'Cult Obsession'? Could Be Hulu's 'The Path'
Virtual Reality TV: What We Really Need In A 360-Degree Marketing World
For Periscope, It's The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times
Unlocking the Mobile Advertising Opportunity: Getting Attribution Right
Consumers Trust Non-Celeb Influencers More
PopSugar Names Schiller CRO, Company Pushes Video Expansion
NBCU Inks More Than $1 Billion In Rio Olympics Advertising
Scripps' Upfront: Our Viewers Buy What They See
FCC Should Investigate Netflix, American Cable Association Says
Yahoo Sets Deadline For Suitors
Video Daily - Monday, March 28, 2016
New Tech Can Manipulate Faces, And Mouths, In Real Time
Beckman Exits Vice Media After 1 Year
Content Marketing For TV? You Need To Work Harder
Cyberpost Raises $1.5 Million To Grow Virtual Mail, Video Marketing
Intricate Ads Slow internet, Lead To Ad Blockers
Transparency An 'Opt-In' Choice, Say The Agencies
Nielsen Shaves 2.5% Off Cable Nets, Erosion Appears To Be Accelerating
Yahoo Will Tone It Down For NewFronts
For Periscope, It's The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times
What Does FCC Want From Charter/TWC Merger?
Hulu Launches Personal TV App For Samsung VR Headset
Periscope Surpasses 200M Video Broadcasts
Video Daily - Friday, March 25, 2016
The Hidden Influencers Behind Toll House Dough
Netflix Launches Mobile Data Saver, Reveals How It Has Been Capping Data All Along
Total TV, Video Consumption Grows Slightly In Q4 2015
U.S. Ad Market Forecast 2016: A Good Year, But Some Slowdowns For TV, Radio
We Fascinate Us: Apple TV Preps Show About Apple Apps
What To Do About Ad Blocking?
Netflix Throttling Video On AT&T, Verizon Wireless Networks
In The Shower, Axe Knows Everyone Is Brilliant
Forget MTV; Millennials Want Their YouTube (And Netflix And Social Media)
Ad Blockers: It's All Of Our Fault
WTF? Millennials Still Use Print Media? Yes, It's True!
Video Daily - Thursday, March 24, 2016
YouTube Political Campaign Videos Are Yuge
Young TV Consumers May Be Delaying Traditional Pay TV Services
Nearly Half of Video Views Are Mobile
comScore Redefines 'Households' As 'Devices,' Says There Are 10-12 Per
Tech, Rhymes With Yechhh!: PornHub Offers VR
People Change Offline Behaviors To Avoid Social Media Disapproval
Key Political Moments Cause Spikes In YouTube Search, Video Views
Starboard Investors Move To Oust Yahoo's Mayer
Uncovering Untapped CPG Growth Opportunities In A Digital Age
Facebook OKs Third-Party Platforms Vetted For Audience Network
Rovi Close To TiVo Takeover
The IAB Wants To Help You Calculate Your Programmatic Costs
Comcast TV Remote May Join IoT
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 23, 2016
EMarketer's Grim Outlook For Yahoo Ad Rev
OTT Emerges As Fastest-Growing Source Of Ad Views, Accelerates Redefinition Of 'TV'
Videology Partners With Unruly To Diversify Inventory
Streaming Services Become Music's Top Moneymaker
Millennial TV Watchers Average 4 Non-TV Activities
Pause To Read This: 70% Of Us Binge-Watch
Broadband Adoption, Net Speeds Up Globally
Why YouTube Will Never Run Out Of URLs
Discovery Communications Rolls Out One Discovery, New Marketing Unit
Vizio Builds Google SmartCast Into TVs
CBS Interactive Ratchets Up Native Programmatic Ad Game
Adobe Positions Cross-Device Co-op As An Alternative To Facebook/Google
What Has Technology Wrought? Trust Issues, For One
Measurement, Tech, UX Meet In Primer On Improving Viewability For Publishers
Study Reveals The Obvious: People Leave Agency Jobs Because Of Low Pay, Bad Work/Life Balance, Lack Of Strategic Vision
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Adobe's Primetime Lets OTT Get A Little Personal
TV Usage Falls In February; OTT Grows Overall
At Apple Event, Much Ado About Nothing
Majority Of TV Consumers Want 'Skinny' Package, Less Than 20 Channels
Vice Media ComScore Feb. Tally Falls, A Lot
Syndicated Video Can Make Exclusives More Valuable For Online Services
IAB Viewability Primer Focuses On Publisher Side
Smartphone Streaming On The Rise
comScore Partners With Adobe For Cross-Device Measurement
Will Moat's New Digital Ad Metric Rival The Measurement Giants?
Gawker Media Worth $83M
Digital Ad Spending On Fire In China
How Facebook Marketed "Straight Outta Compton" By Race
Video Daily - Monday, March 21, 2016
'Live From E!' Is Live On Facebook.But Why?
IDG Embarks On Debut Brand Campaign
Moat Raises $50M To Help Develop Digital Ad Currency
Obama: Google Plans To Bring Internet To Cuba
Refinery 29 Founders Remember The Lean Days
Oregonians Think You Might Like Their New Tourism Campaign
NBCU Starts Content Studio For Branded Advertisers' Content
Zenith Downgrades Its Global Ad Spend Forecast
Mobile Ad Spend Catches TV In 2020
The Next Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But Instant-Messaged
Video Daily - Friday, March 18, 2016
Fool Me Once? Interesting. Fool Me Twice? That's A Good Business Model!
Comcast Defends 'Stream TV' To FCC
Turner Plans At Least Two Subscription Services
Will Beefing Up Network-Owned VOD Services Hurt Netflix -- Or Summer Reruns?
SXSW Panel: Concert Video Streams Work, Audio Not So Much
Harnessing The Power Of Social Influencers Is The Way Into Millennial Wallets
Comic-Con Launching Subscription Video Service
What's Programmatic TV's Acceptance Level In Agencies?
It's Time To Connect TV & Social Advertising At The Hip
Hey Ad Agencies, Did You Know You Are Stealing Up to 80% of Mobile Users' Bandwidth?
Digital Video Advertising For Traditional TV Tops $2 Billion
Adblocking: Effect, Cause, Resolution?
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