• Popular Headphones Can Collect Data From Users, Says Lawsuit
    A man is suing Bose claiming the company has been tapping into data from its well-known headphones. From the Fortune report: the company "uses an app to collect the listening habits of its customers and provide that information to third parties—all without the knowledge and permission of the users, according to a lawsuit filed in Chicago on Tuesday."
  • GM To Hire 1,100 For Self-Driving Car Research
    A major automaker is investing more in pursuing autonomous or self-driving cars. General Motors said it will invest $14 million and create another 1,100 jobs to boost its research and development of self-driving technology for its cars.
  • Amazon Alexa Can Now Call A Plumber
    Amazon Alexa keeps getting more help from outside, at least in terms of new 'skills.' The somewhat intelligent agent, thanks to a linkup with HomeAdvisor, can now call a plumber. That is, once the skill has been enabled on the device. Other home services also now can be sought, thanks to the new integration.
  • AAA Testing Car-Sharing Service
    AAA, the membership organization best known for its road service operation, is planning ahead. A California branch is running a trial car-sharing service that involves one-way transportation and the car can be left in just about any parking space within the trial area. A mobile app is being used to find a car.
  • Connected, Dockless Bike Sharing Booms In China
    The sharing of connected bikes is a booming market and China is getting in on the act. Dockless bike sharing has caught the eye of investors, to the tune of oen such company raising more than $500 million from investors. It's also not the only company pushing various dockless bike sharing approaches.
  • Future Apple Watch May Monitor Blood Sugar Levels
    Like most devices in the Internet of Things, the Apple Watch continues to evolve. Now CNBC is reporting that a team of biomedical engineers has been working on creating sensors that can monitor blood sugar levels without breaking the skin. The report says Apple has been working on this for five years.
  • Hyundai Taps Google Home For Remote Start By Voice
    Google Assistant is moving into the automotive industry. Hyundai is now allowing owners of some of its cars to remotely control certain aspects through Google Assistant and Google Home. Among the variosu features enabled are remote starting of the car.
  • Another Driverless Truck Set For Road Test
    In yet another innovation around autonompous vehicles, a new trick is being desinged. The vehicle would be electric and run remotely, without a driver. The truck wouldn't have windows and would essentially be in opnce piece, compated to trucks today with cabs separate from the cargo.
  • Expedia Taps Virtual Reality For Consumer Trip Planning
    Virtual reality has many uses, and now checking out travel in advance of a trip is one of them, thanks to Expedia. Consumers can use VR to check rooms in advance and essentially see where they plan to go. The travel company also plans to tap other IoT technology including smart voice assistants.
  • Another Food Delivery Robot Hitting The Street
    The robot rage continues. Another robot delivery service is starting in California using Yelp's Eat24 for consumers to tap into the service. Like many other trials, an actual person will accompany the robot to make sure all goes well. This particular robot is a bit larger than others in test mode.
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