• Virtual Reality Tapped For Car Shopping
    Virtual reality is entering the car shopping market. One company at the Silicon Valley Auto Show is showing VR for virtual test drives for different cars.
  • StubHub Taps Augmented Reality For Super Bowl Ticketing
    Augmented reality is coming to the Super Bowl. Ticket-seller StubHub is introducing an AR feature to give people a better look at potential seating.
  • Nicolas Cage Movie To Debut As Virtual Reality Series
    Nicolas Cage is giving virtual reality a potential boost. The Humanity Bureau, the actor’s next movie, will come out as a VR series a month before theaters, according to Variety.
  • Smart Speaker Prices Seen Heading Up
     During the holiday, smart speakers from Amazon and Google both sported lower sale prices. However, one report suggests that chip prices may drive up the cost of the digital assistants down the road.
  • Starbucks Testing No-Cash Policy For Purchasing
    Cash may not be king anymore, at least at Starbucks. The coffee company is testing cashless payments in a store in downtown Seattle.
  • Coty Taps Amazon Echo Show For Beauty Shoppers
    Amazon’s Echo Show is getting a new partner. The Alexa voice assistant now is paired with Coty do serve beauty shoppers with voice and visuals.
  • Samsung Set To Release Galaxy S9 At Mobile World Congress
    Samsung set to introduce Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress, says a company exec. There were earlier rumors that the phone would be launched at CES last week, but that did not happen.
  • Amazon Extends Echo Spot To U.K. Market
    Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices continue to expand. The smaller voice-activated devices, the Amazon Echo Spot, was just released into the U.K market.
  • Games To Be Live Streamed In Virtual Reality
    Virtual reality is getting more ‘real.’ Star India is planning to live stream, in six different languages, the IPL T20 cricket matches in virtual reality. The target reach is 700 million viewers.
  • Tesla Getting More Voice Control Options
    More voice is being added to more cars. The Tesla Model 3 is going to get more voice control options, according to the automaker.
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