• Amazon Granted Patent For Package Pickup On Buses
    A new patent that could allow Amazon to deliver packages for customers to pick up on public buses has been granted.
  • Ford Looks To Virtual Reality For Designing Cars
    Ford is looking into using virtual reality to design cars and already has been experimenting with one VR design tool.
  • Facial Recognition Coming In Android Smartphones: Report
    Android smartphone makers are expected to include facial recognition in future devices, according to one report.
  • $10 Million Claim Filed In Uber Self-Driving Vehicle Fatality
    A $10 million suit has been filed against Tempe relating to the death of the woman killed by an Uber vehicle driving in autonomous mode.
  • Facebook, Microsoft File AR Patents
    Patents for creating augmented reality glasses have been submitted by Facebook and Microsoft, both aiming to make smaller glasses.
  • Uber Explores Autonomous Bikes, Scooters
    It appears Uber is working on autonomous technology for its bike and scooter-sharing programs, though details are scarce.
  • Intel Patent Projects Foldable Phone
    Foldable smartphones have been in the works for some time and it appears Intel may be among those in the planning stages.
  • Samsung Files Patent For New-Type Of VR Headset
    Samsung has filed a patent for a virtual reality headset that uses a display type different from the traditional flat screen.
  • People Attack Driverless Cars In Tempe
    Driverless Waymo cars are being attacked by people as the cars move along the streets of Arizona.
  • Free Test Rides In Driverless Shuttles Being Offered
    Metro Vancouver residents are about to get a chance to ride in driverless vehicles at least for short rides as part of a smart city challenge.
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