Smart TVs Up Video Viewing Hours

Among new TV devices, connected TV viewers -- those with new smart TVs -- continue to view longer programs and videos.

A third-quarter 2013 report from Ooyala, an online video measuring company, says TV viewers spent nearly one-third of their time watching videos longer than one hour on smart TVs, and 71% of their total viewing time watching videos longer than 10 minutes.

Tablets were next, with TV viewers spending 25% of their viewing time watching videos running longer than 60 minutes. Mobile viewing of an hour or more came in at just a 20% share; PC viewing of video longer than one hour had a 9% share.

For many other analysts, this trends equates to more added viewing of so-called “premium” videos -- traditional TV programs and series.

When it comes to live video, new connected TVs continue to shine. Audiences are viewing live video -- news, sports and special events -- more than 46 minutes per viewing session from smart TVs. Viewing of live events via PCs are at at 30 minutes per session.

Overall, the research says mobile and tablet video share has grown 133% year-over-year.

Ooyala says it surveys nearly 200 million unique viewers in 130 countries every month, processing billions of video analytics events each day.

"Watching TV" photo from Shutterstock.



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