Baseball-Card Collecting Goes Digital

toppsRandom iPhone App of the week: My inner child is crying about this app. Baseball-card collecting has gone digital. What's next? The Garbage Pail Kids going digital? For those young enough that physical baseball cards are just what older folks talk about, The Topps Company launched BUNT 2014, a digital trading card app that works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And it's popular, but just not the same as the real deal. BUNT, along with Topps' other digital collecting apps, Topps HUDDLES and Topps KICKS, have collectively sold more than 35 million packs of digital trading cards in less than a year. BUNT users can collect digital cards, trade with friends, and complete sets, just as one would do with physical baseball cards. There's also a game element to card collecting, where users can earn points in real-time, depending on how their players did in a recent game. The app is available for free in the App Store, with card packs available for purchase in-app. Download it here.
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