Adelphic Taps Placed For Location-Based Targeting Data

Adelphic, a mobile demand-side platform (DSP), on Thursday announced a partnership with Placed, a location-based ad targeting firm. Placed targeting data will now be available via Adelphic’s DSP.

Placed uses look-alike data to create target audiences. Adelphic struck a similar partnership with Factual over the summer.

Placed measures behavior tied to over 200 million lat/long points, the company claims. The company then “map[s] the relationship between places” to create its look-alike targets. Placed says the lat/long data is collected on an opt-in basis.

“Consumers generate thousands of locations a day with their smartphones, and yet location-based targeting is still focused on proximity to a single store,” said David Shim, founder and CEO of Placed, in an earlier statement. He added that the partnership with Adelphic allows advertisers to reach consumers outside of pre-defined locations (i.e. proximity to a story), “enabling scale … across the exchanges.”



Placed also has attribution technology, measuring the impact mobile ads have on in-store visits. Per a release, this data will also be available to Adelphic clients.

“Our clients benefit with the ability to reach a broader audience than standard geofencing tactics, and together we close the loop on performance by measuring the impact of mobile advertising into in-store visitation,” stated Michael Collins, CEO of Adelphic.

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