PulsePoint Launches RTB Mobile Marketplace

PulsePoint, a programmatic advertising platform, has announced the launch of a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) mobile marketplace with guaranteed higher CPM rates for premium publishers and cross-device targeting capabilities.

COX Media Group and GigaOM have signed on as initial partners.

eMarketer estimates that 68% of mobile display ad dollars will go toward programmatic. Mobile will account for nearly 70% of total programmatic digital display ad spend.

A recent mobile index from PubMatic noted that CPMs for mobile inventory are on the rise at 12% YOY, outpacing desktop’s 10% YOY growth. Premium inventory like rich media and mobile video contribute to that higher CPM rate, as does more accurate data gleaned from mobile devices, including device ID, location, and demographics.



PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon states that top-tier publishers can expect “equal or higher CPMs than current desktop rates,” with CPMs of 5$ or more.

Mobile CPMs have already surpassed desktop CPMs by 34%, according to PubMatic.

Mobile RTB inventory was a key driver for Pulsepoint’s growth in 2014, with mobile inventory available for open RTB rising 159%, which nearly doubled the rate of desktop inventory growth.

Cross-device targeting is still in its nascent stages. In the long run, however, mobile marketing will become cross-device and cross-channel as more devices flood the market and attribution technology becomes more accurate.

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