Trident Gum Campaign Incents Consumers to Share Wearable Data

Gum-chewing consumers with wearable devices have a new advertising-based incentive to allow their wearables to share the data tracked while being worn.

A new campaign from Trident, of gum fame, with convenience store chain Kum & Go, will reward shoppers for healthy behavior during the holiday season.

For sharing their wearables data, such as sleep, activity and food details, consumers can be rewarded with exclusive offers.

Trident is working with Strap, an IoT-focused startup that tracks wearable data for brand marketing, to collect and transport the wearable data.

I wrote about the coming program a while back (Trident Gum Taps Startup to Leverage Wearable Data for Marketing), but at the time, the teams had not yet formulated a plan on how to leverage the data from wearables.

This campaign is the first of the Mondelez programs using wearable technology.

When certain data is delivered from the wearable, it triggers a message from mobile couponing platform Koupon Media, which executes the particular offer.

For example, a fitness tracker could be pre-programmed so that it sends a signal when the consumer reaches 5,000 steps, and an offer for a free pack of gum is sent via the Kum & Go mobile app. The app is where consumers opt in to the program.

The program is an extension of the Mondelez International Shopper Futures program, which links Mondelez brands with entrepreneurs to jointly and rapidly develop and launch an innovation aimed at transforming the consumer retail experience.

The key for brands is that advertising is finally being tied to wearables with concrete consumer benefit.


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