What To Expect At CES 2016

What can consumers and tech industry watchers expect from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month?

Expect a slew of potentially disruptive devices and gadgets, but nothing “earth shattering,” according to a new forecast from Forrester analyst James McQuivey.

The “true innovators” will be connecting sensors and devices and automating them, McQuivey predicts.

And, given the small size of the current market combined with consumer demand, growth seems like a pretty good bet. In fact, while only 7% of US online adults are using a connected home device at the moment -- according to Forrester Data -- more than 50% of them are interested in using them.

“Automation is the next big thing, because it will harness the power of all the other things, making cars that drive safer, medical diagnostics that anticipate health needs, and robots that not only respond to our commands but anticipate them,” according to McQuivey.

“It will be harder to see the power of these life-changing solutions, but their long-term effect will be bigger than any single device or innovation,” he added.

Once a must-attend event, excitement around the Consumer Electronics Show has waned somewhat in recent years as key players in the tech industry have opted to host their own product unveilings.

Most notably, Microsoft caused an uproar in late 2011 after it decided cut ties with organizers of the industry tradeshow after 2012. 

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