NEW! Columbia Sportswear Conducts Job Interview On Mountain Top

Talk about an on-the-spot test for a potential job applicant. Columbia Sportswear is looking for a Director of Toughness. The new Director of Toughness will travel the world for nine months to test out Columbia gear in some harsh weather conditions.

Prospective employees were interviewed at Oregon's Timberline Lodge -- and, just when applicants thought the interview was over, they were given a backpack, told to hike to the top of a mountain, and not be late. T

Once atop the mountain, candidates are interviewed by Jason, a laid-back guy full of witty comebacks. The best one came when one man described how he and his girlfriend make their long-distance relationship work. Jason asked him: "What's your biggest fear, other than commitment?"

Additional "tough" interviews will be held in New York, Toronto and Scotland/UK. New York's is Oct. 13. Who is with me? North created the campaign.



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