Millennials Boast High Smartphone, Connected TV Use

Young media consumers are increasingly using new digital devices. Their smartphone weekly usage is nearing that of TV.

For the second quarter of this year, Nielsen says 18-34 consumers averaged 18 hours and 27 minutes of TV usage per week, with smartphone usage now at 14 hours and 36 minutes.

By way of comparison, all adults 18+ watch 32 hours and 32 minutes a week, with 12 hours and one minute of smartphone usage. Nielsen says the research looks at usage in the U.S. population. 

In a somewhat related finding, TV-connected device usage is the highest among 18- to-34-year-olds — at 6 hours and 40 minutes a week. Among all adults, this number is at 3 hours/58 minutes. Consumers 35-49 totaled 4 hours/11 minutes a week.

While young consumers' share of TV and smartphone usage is the closest among all demographic groups, 18- to-34-year-olds do not have the highest smartphone usage overall. The top spot goes to consumers 35-49, who average 14 hours and 48 minutes. Those older media consumers total 29 hours a week when it comes to overall TV usage. 

Most TV usage per week occurs with those 50 years and older -- at 43 hours and 53 minutes. This group also logs in with the highest radio usage — at 14 hours and 7 minutes.



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