Sony Brings Hyper-personalization To Movie Launch

The Challenge

Sony Pictures partnered with S4M and IPG Mediabrands for the pre-launch of the movie “The Dark Tower.” Tasked with creating a hassle-free cinema experience, the campaign generated mass awareness and engagement with a deep multifaceted user journey. 

The Execution

Audiences likely to go see “The Dark Tower” were avid mobile users. So, early in the campaign, using the interactive Triptyque format, audiences had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the movie’s plot by swiping between two main film characters. 

During the second phase of the campaign, Sony Pictures targetedonly moviegoers and entertainment enthusiasts within a 500-meter radius of cinemas in Singapore showing the movie. For this part, S4M’s proprietary ad format, The Video & Card, was integrated with a custom API from one of Singapore’s popular Cinema Information providers. 

The hyper-personalized user experience opened with the movie trailer, followed by the address of the nearest theater and the timing of the next show, based on real-time location. Finally, the format effortlessly closed the loop with a CTA to book movie tickets. 

The Results 

  • The month-long campaign exceeded expectations by reaching almost 40% of Singaporeans. 
  • For the Video & Card creative, over 67% of total users stayed more than 12 seconds in the format. 
  • 60% of users exposed to the format during the first phase spent at least 10 seconds in the interactive and playful ad experience. 
  • 24K+ users clicked the campaign CTA to book movie tickets, delivering a conversion rate of 1.2%. 

Key Takeaways

Find the platform your potential customers are most likely to use and put your campaign on it.

Narrow your intended audience to a specific geographical location then target them with a personalized experience.

Lead your audience to the point of purchase to close the sales loop.

This was a finalist in the Mobile Media category in MediaPost’s 2018 Creative Media Awards.

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