Where Marketers Allocate Media Budgets And How Much They Plan To Spend

Marketers feel most unprepared to use a variety of emerging technologies.

Some 25% of marketers participating in a study released Tuesday said they are not prepared to use chatbots. About 23% cited voice search, while 17% cited artificial intelligence and machine learning and 17% cited podcast advertising. Visual search also joined the list at 12%, with video search coming in at 6%.

The reasons range from uncertainty around how to get started to a lack of known resources or proven set of business practices and misconceptions over how the technologies operate and automate capabilities.

The State of PPC 2019-2020, released by Hanapin Marketing, combines three separate surveys conducted between May 2019 and July 2019. In total, about 910 marketing professionals participated -- either clients or partners of Hanapin.

The surveys included a State of Paid Social survey with 273 responses, a State of PPC survey with 527 responses, and a Machine Learning survey with 110 responses.



The findings note that 64% of brands plan to increase their PPC budgets in the next 12 months, while 30% will keep budgets the same. Only 5% plan to decrease their budget. More than 50% of agencies claim that a majority of their clients will increase their PPC budgets next year, and 44% of budgets will remain the same.

The surveys also asked where marketers are spending their budgets this year compared to 2018. Some 60% said they spend their budgets in search, with 49% saying they would spend them in social, 33% in remarketing, 23% in display, 19% in shopping, 12% in programmatic, 6% in native, and 1% in podcasts.

When asked where they are spending less this year compared with last, 39% cited display at 39%, social at 16%, native at 12%, programmatic at 10%, search at 8%, remarketing at 8%, shopping at 6%, and podcasts at 5%.

It’s no surprise that among this set of marketers, 96% spend their budgets with Google and 81% spend them with Facebook, followed by Microsoft  with 59%; Instagram at 53%; YouTube with 43%; LinkedIn at 40%; Twitter with 23%; Quora at 14%; Pinterest with 13%; Amazon at 11%; Reddit with 8%; and Snapchat at 6%. Spotify, Outbrain, Taboola and others each comprise 5% or less.

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