Verizon Media Unveils 'Cookieless' ID To Replace Third-Party Ones

Verizon Media on Tuesday launched a cookieless ID for the advertising industry, as marketers and publishers search for alternatives to identity solutions for advertisements and monetization.

ConnectID is powered by direct relationships with 900 million global consumers via more than 30 Verizon Media brands, including Yahoo for news, search, mail; HuffPost, AOL, and TechCrunch. It also uses Verizon Media's ID graph that runs on 200 billion daily data signals from mobile app, search, owned and operated sites, apps, and email.

Dev Pragad, CEO of Newsweek, signed up to use the solution because the publisher wants partners that can connect its audiences with “quality advertisers and experiences, maximize yield and ensure our audiences’ privacy choices are respected.”

Verizon properties are used by hundreds of millions of people. Its identity graph is built around billions of daily, consent-based data signals.  

The unified ID helps advertisers buy, measure and optimize ads while enabling publishers to manage, monetize and navigate audiences without third-party cookies. The company estimates the solution has delivered a 33% lift in performance for advertiser campaigns.

As the advertising industry continues to make plans to move on from third-party cookie tracking to secure alternatives that protect consumer privacy, Ivan Markman, chief business officer at Verizon Media, believes the solution can make a difference. He calls the business the “only independent ad platform with a full-stack DSP and SSP to protect data integrity across demand and supply.”

ConnectID is available in the U.S., APAC, and select LATAM markets, but will roll out to more markets in the future.

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