Ad-To-Store Measurement Platform Launches For Amazon

Eye Square on Monday will launch an ad measurement platform that tells marketers how and why their advertisements running on ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon drive people to make a purchase. 

Ad-to-Store, the platform, maps advertising exposure to purchase decisions and behavior and provides insights on how the creative, the position of the ad, and its overall effectiveness prompt consumers to put products into their online shopping carts.

Ephraim Bander, Eye Square head of U.S. operations, said the technology has generated behavioral insights and acts as a clear road map to drive return on investments by allowing marketers to better understand the effectiveness of messaging and media.

“Just because an ad is successful on YouTube doesn’t mean it will be successful on Amazon,” Bander said. “It also depends on the platform. The platform has to be correct for the ad.”



Adobe estimates that ecommerce worldwide reached $876 billion in the first three months of 2021, up 38% year-over-year. At current growth rates, Adobe forecasts that global ecommerce will hit $4.2 trillion for 2021. In the U.S., Adobe expects e-commerce to reach $1 trillion in 2022.

Some brands that are testing the platform make household cleaning products, toothpaste, coffee, and chocolate, and rely on Amazon for additional sales.

The company originally created the measurement platform for social media, and now it is being expanded to ecommerce. One reason is that the COVID-19 lockdown changed everything, he said.

Eye Square's technology, Ad-to-Store, is used to test ads that run on Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Walmart and Target, among other platforms. It measures the length of time the product remained in view on the screen in the search results page on the ecommerce site, whether consumers click on the product detail page to learn more, and whether they put the item in the cart.  

About seven brands tested the platform, including one of the largest CPG companies worldwide. Ad-to-Store becomes available to brands the week of May 24.

Eye Square also plans to build a similar platform for search, geared toward markets such as financial, insurance, and others that do not necessarily sell products online, but advertise on search engines Google and Bing. 

The name, Ad-to-Search will enable advertisers to understand when consumers are exposed to an advertisement and whether it increased the time with the ad and click-throughs.   

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