Video, Vertical Product Ad Pilots Running On Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft now allows brands to run video and vertical product ads on the Microsoft Audience Network in a pilot program announced Tuesday.

The program also supports disclaimers in ads, new third-party integrations with Universal Event Tracking, flexible insertion orders and inline appeals for rejected offers in Microsoft Merchant Center.

Disclaimer ads are for marketers in industries with regulation requirements such as automotive, financial services or health and wellness. They can help to share specific information in ads. It's a way to become compliant with policies in specific industries.

Video formats can help increase awareness as well as engagement, and disclaimers in ads could assist advertisers in regulated industries to remain compliant.

The video ad pilot will run in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and the U.K. Video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network are intended to boost awareness, capture attention, and drive leads for brands.

Microsoft can use Bing search intent data, as well as LinkedIn profile data on video assets. The video assets are 6-seconds, 30-seconds, or 120-seconds.

The company also is piloting another Microsoft Audience Network feature it calls vertical-based product ads. It uses an advertiser’s existing feed to generate ads for auto listings, entertainment events, hotels, tours and activities and vacation rentals in native environments.

In an attempt to streamline the Universal Event Tracking (UET) setup process, Microsoft also said it would launch third-party integrations with Google Tag Manager, Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress.

Microsoft also launched flexible insertion orders,which also can be used to set open-ended and/or unlimited budget insertion orders.

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