GoodRx Health Launches, Provides Research-Based Answers To Health Questions

GoodRx launched GoodRx Health on Thursday to provide research-based answers to vital health questions.

Unlike other consumer health destinations or search engines like Google that have tried to surface information related to the medical industry, GoodRx Health takes a new approach to health information by surfacing validated data through GoodRx Answers and Health Wizard tools.

The site also connects searchers to thousands of award-winning Explainer videos that address today’s health concerns.

The idea is to tap into the most current research and health information supported by doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare experts, all of whom contribute to the editorial content on the site following specific guidelines.



The site, filled with information and data, will become a marketing tool to support GoodRx’s Pharma Manufacturing Solutions business. Rather than serving display ads, the company works with manufacturers to create tailored programs.

For example, users can visit a page on how to save money on insulin to find an ad or sponsored content for a relevant clinical trial.

Most people who are reading about how to save on insulin have diabetes, or at least someone close to them does, so GoodRx works to serve them very specific ads. The goal is not to show random ads on the site, but rather to tailor the experience to connect high-intent audiences with brand drug savings programs or clinical trials that are particularly relevant to them, according to a company spokesperson.

Through the years the company learned that 20% of GoodRx searches are for brand drugs, according to data released in the company’s Q2 2021 earnings call. It’s estimated that the site drives an average of 10 times more traffic to brand drug savings pages on its site than manufacturers drive through their own drug sites, according to the company.

GoodRx Health provides pharma manufacturers with the ability to reach high-intent audiences contextually relevant to their drugs. Pharma spends more than $30 billion per year on consumer marketing and advertising, according to GoodRx. Consumers already come to GoodRx looking for information and savings on a particular drug. The company works with manufacturers to boost awareness of savings programs among relevant patients and prescribers directly on its site.

GoodRx Health’s content initially focuses on four main areas: Health knowledge, financial guidance, Drug FAQs, and Trustworthy research.

GoodRx Health has been a decade in the making. Its editorial team has published thousands of stories that have earned top rank on competitive queries about topics from erectile dysfunction to COVID-19 vaccines. For example, when the pandemic started, the site launched a Vaccine Guide, and as of the first quarter of this year, more than 15 million people have visited the site looking for health information.
The company now continues to build on that foundation to launch a product that covers more topics in new formats, making health information actionable and clear for site visitors.

All content is reviewed for accuracy by physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, psychiatrists, or veterinarians, depending on the subject matter. The site also list sources on the pages and provide a unique grading system on the state of research for that particular topic.

For example, anyone who lands on the GoodRx Answers page and scrolls down a bit will see the piece was written by a physician and the research links to the best supporting studies. At the bottom of the page, the site visitor also will see a list of all references used for the article.


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