Google TV Personalized Watchlists, Profiles Should Increase Targeted Advertising

A Google TV update will make Google’s TV platform more useful for everyone in the home, and easier for advertisers to target relevant advertisements.

Each Google TV profile will link to the individual’s Google account, apps and login details. All will automatically port into the platform to avoid manually having to input the data.

Since Google TV will link to the person’s Google accounts, the television becomes one more connected device that advertisers can think about when applying platforms to target.

The updates will roll out soon. Everyone in the household can add their own account to increase personalized content recommendations, access to their individual watchlists, and tailored responses from the Google Assistant.

Google TV previously supported the ability to sign into multiple Google Accounts, but content suggestions, the watchlist feature, and Google Assistant functionality were based on the activity of the primary account holder.

Separately, Google will introduce what it calls "glanceable" cards on the ambient mode of the television. An idle TV can display will personalize information such as weather, news, and sports, and other information.

This screen also will display shortcuts for things like podcasts, music, and photos.


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