IAS Acquires AI Company To Further Enhance Image And Video Classifications

Integral Ad Science announced today the acquisition of Context, a Paris-based digital content-classification company, building on IAS’s media-classification and contextual-targeting capabilities. 

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, believes the acquisition builds on the company’s existing capabilities and accelerates its product roadmap -- particularly in video classification for social media and connected TV (CTV) applications.

Context founder and CEO Jack Habra joins IAS, but his role is not clear or whether the company plans to dissolve the Context brand in to IAS.

The technology from Habra's company provides the classification of video and image content in order to help with contextual targeting and brand suitability. The technology enables understanding of any piece of content, including brand and logo recognition, object detection and tracking, place identification, and explicit content moderation.

It lets marketers better understand their monetization opportunities and identify brand suitable content beyond standard frameworks, like GARM, introducing a new level of targeting granularity.

The acquisition continues IAS’s commitment to innovate globally by adding teams of engineers, data scientists, and data analysts located in France and Poland.



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