InMobi Adds Asia-Pacific Region To Its Mobile Ad Inventory Options

InMobi, a content, monetization and marketing technologies company, now provides advertisers with direct access to Anzu’s mobile programmatic inventory worldwide after announcing an Asia-Pacific deal with the company on Wednesday.

Anzu’s in-game advertising solution allows programmatic advertisers to run banner and video ads through a viewable IAB-compliant ad formats that sit on 3D objects like roadside billboards, stadium banners and buildings within games.

The ads -- a non-intrusive complement to gameplay -- aim to make the games seem more realistic. 

Ms. Ly, commercialization manager for Amanotes, a mobile publisher in southeast Asia, believes the in-game ad placements put gamers first and brings a sense of realism to the experiences.

Anzu’s technology also integrates with a full suite of third-party vendors -- including HUMAN for fraud detection, Comscore, Lumen, Nielsen for brand-lift measurement, and Kochava for data enrichment.

Anzu and Moat have also enabled viewability measurement for in-game ads. This means InMobi’s advertisers can now request in-view metrics when programmatically running in-game ads.

The global mobile games market generated an estimated $7.4 billion from player spending across the App Store and Google Play in January 2022.

And while it marks a decline of approximately 7% year-over-year, the top market for global revenue in January 2022 was the U.S., which generated $2.1 billion -- or 28% of total player spending worldwide. Japan ranked No. 2 for revenue at 19.3%, followed by China, where Google Play is not available, at 17.8%, according to SensorTower data.

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