DISQO Technology Measures Ad Campaign Impact Beyond Full Marketing Purchase Path

DISQO has publicly released a product that measures the full incremental impact of cross-platform advertising campaigns on marketing funnels.

Dana Cohen, vice president of analytics at Havas Media Group, has worked with DISQO, a customer intelligence platform, for nearly a year, and began testing the product, Outcomes Lift, early on.

As an early tester, Cohen said the team uses it to validate online survey responses for purchase intent, along with other data such as measurable actions like searches and site visits.

“We go beyond what Google says the consumer intends to purchase, because through the data we can see they are ready to take the next step,” she says, adding that the data provides a better sense of the target audience and the brands responsible for driving them to searches and purchases online.

As the industry faces the mitigation and eventual loss of identifiers such as cookies and mobile IDs, Outcomes Lift gives marketers insight into critical behavior that occurs across search, site visitation, and ecommerce activities. It measures all digital platforms, including CTV, OLV, display, mobile, e-commerce sites, and siloed, hard-to-measure social sites. 

Havas Media has been working with a few clients in consumer product goods, luxury jewelry, and retail, but Cohen declined to name specific companies using Outcomes Lift.

She calls the product “more advanced” and a “future proof cookieless solution” -- a way to see the data within “walled garden,” but the Havas Media analytics team has had to teach marketers with the brands how the platform works. There is a learning curve for brands and marketers, because the technology can the ability to measure advancements from consumer awareness to purchases, even within walled gardens.

Nestlé Purina, Vevo, Havas, GoodRx, Teads and APCO Worldwide have all been early adopters of Outcomes Lift, among others.

DISQO’s Outcomes Lift has helped Vevo gain knowledge about the specific behavioral impacts that occur post-ad exposure on the site, expanding its measurement capabilities.

It’s part of DISQO’s CX intelligence platform, which passively measures more than 1 billion customer journey touchpoints monthly. With consented visibility into the underlying behaviors driving outcomes, marketers can better engage with prospective and existing customers and optimize campaign ROI.

Outcomes Lift allows advertisers to improve measurement against new platform silos and ad formats, as well as identifier technology disruptions down the line. 

Stephen Jepson, executive vice president of advertising effectiveness, oversaw the development of the Outcomes Lift product and works directly with DISQO clients on deployment. “We’ve been fortunate to have forward-thinking customers” like Havas and others to go on this journey with us, he said.

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