FanDuel, DraftKings Up Sports Wagering Brand Battle For NFL Season Start

Nearly two months into the NFL season, the top two sports gaming and wagering brands --  FanDuel and DraftKings -- continue to increase TV spending for major brand awareness.

FanDuel has spent $60.7 million in national TV advertising from August 19 through October 19 -- nearly double the total of $35.2 million spent the year before --  according to

DraftKings TV advertising for the August-October period totaled $31.8 million versus $23.4 million a year ago.

This year, FanDuel has pulled in 3.4 billion impressions on 6,915 equivalent 30-second airings, while DraftKings pulled in 2.8 billion impressions on 9,633 equivalent 30-second airings. 

Looking at legacy casino-based wagering brands, BetMGM continues to go big on sports betting -- $10.3 billion over the same August-October two-month period with 1,606 equivalized 30-second airing, followed closely by Caesars Entertainment at $9.9 million with 576 airings.



Both BetMGM and Caesars spent heavily on NFL football and to a much lesser extent, on Major League Baseball, ESPN's “SportsCenter” and other programming. The former pulled in 858.3 million impressions, with the latter at 410.7 million.

A year before, BetMGM totaled $8.4 million in national TV spend on 47 airings, with Caesars at $19.4 million on 780 airings. Caesars had 1.4 billion impressions, while BetMGM had 691 million impressions.

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