CPG Company Uses AI To Optimize Ad Campaigns

Albert.AI proved out an artificial intelligence (AI)-based social and search advertising solution aimed at improving the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns with in-house teams.

The tests -- carried out by an unidentified consumer packaged goods (CPG) company -- helped to define the advertising creative process and determine the audiences and the media that performed best.  

The technology, which analyzes thousands of ad variables, including texts, images, and media placements, was acquired in 2022 by Zoomd, a publicly traded marketing tech company.

Analyzing advertising variables including texts, images, and media placements allows the technology to understand the variables that are most effective for the target audience segment. It then creates ads based on the ad variables provided by the marketer and autonomously serves optimized ads on the most effective ad channels. 

Albert.AI pointed to work it has done with an unnamed global in-housing marketing direct-to-consumer (D2C) CPG company. The technology uncovered insights that enabled the company to tap into new opportunities in ad channels, and autonomously implemented these changes, resulting in a 44% increase in product-line revenue.

The in-house team wanted to avoid replicating the entire agency structure, but still wanted to cost-effectively manage paid social and search, as well as programmatic channels. 

Uncovering several untapped channel opportunities, the technology recommended combining previously unconnected campaigns into one prospecting, retargeting, and dynamic product campaign. It discovered profitable micro-segments of customers that improved campaign performance.

Albert’s technology also reduced Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 15% via paid search. In programmatic display, the technology increased conversions by 150% while reducing CPA by 6%.

Ecommerce metrics also improved, with the average site duration growing by 11%. The site’s bounce rate dropped by 47%, the company said. 

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