Lundberg Farms Quits Earth Day In Ad Campaign

Lundberg Family Farms has launched a campaign to convey that every day is Earth Day for this 85-year-old rice brand.

The Ducking Good campaign showcases Lundberg's regenerative organic farming practices to grow its premium quality rice products. It is a lighthearted way to share the company’s commitment to regenerative organic farming practices.

Many consumers may not realize that these types of practices are required year-round to care for the planet.

Lundberg worked with the small brand agency goodDog, which connected it with two other creative professionals to develop the concept, according to Roberta Greenspan, senior director of marketing at Lundberg.

As part of the campaign, Greenspan says, Lundberg built a dedicated landing page to direct paid media. The web page will allow the brand to track traffic and conversion metrics. Measuring success through market share and distribution growth in all categories the brand supports will prove-out the campaign, which will run indefinitely.

Lundberg’s graphic designer also worked with a small media buying agency that helped with the out of home (OOH) media placements.

The new campaign, Ducking Good, launched Wednesday with a full-page ad in The New York Times and additional regional takeovers in Minneapolis, Bentonville, and Cincinnati.

Lundberg’s farms are part of an elaborate ecosystem. The brand is committed to working in partnership with nature. A Lundberg spokesperson said the company works with nature 365 days a year by using water instead of herbicides to manage weeds, along with many other regenerative organic rice farming practices.

Lundberg saves baby ducks. The Ducking Good campaign celebrates the company’s feathered friends and stands as a reminder that Earth Day isn’t just once a year, but “every ducking day.”

Each winter, Lundberg floods a portion of its fields to replicate California’s once-abundant wetlands, providing food and habitat for wintering waterfowl. The company also grows cover crops, which can help sequester carbon, restore nutrients to the soil, and provide nesting habitat for ducks.

When Lundberg finds duck nests on its property, the company pauses work to partner with organizations like California Waterfowl and hand carry the duck eggs to safety. The brand estimates it has rescued over 30,000 ducklings.

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