Microsoft, Roku Partnership Produces Higher CTR, Lift, Recall For Retail, Tech, Travel

Matching Microsoft and Roku’s data sets together gave both companies insight into audience behavior and the effectiveness of media across the Retail, Technology, and Travel sectors.

The data shows that ads running concurrently on both Microsoft Advertising and Roku platforms impact cross-channel lift.

The update to data released earlier shows how Roku TV streaming ads combined with Microsoft’s ad platforms such as Bing Search Ads and Audience Ads increase lift, conversion, and click-through rates for these industries.

Bing identified on average more than a 9% lift in brand searches per user and a more than 43% lift in overall retail brand search volume after seeing a retail TV streaming ad, according to a Microsoft Advertising Blog.

Consumers search mostly in the afternoon, evening and late night primarily for home and garden products. The insights come from Microsoft’s collaboration with Roku advertising that connects the dots between TV streaming, Search Ads and Audience Ads.

When combined with Audience Ads, click-through rates (CTRs) on Microsoft’s platform rose by 10% after the consumer viewed a Roku TV streaming ad. Retail users exposed to both ad formats were 16% more likely to search compared to users only exposed to TV streaming ads.

The post also notes that retail consumers who were exposed to native ads and TV streaming ads drove the strongest post-search lift of 3.4x after seeing between seven to 10 Roku ads. Consumers continue to stay engaged, with 31% of searches and 32% of clicks occurring after three weeks post-exposure.

The data indicates that marketers should prioritize weekend timing for serving ads. Some 49% of Roku ad airings occurred during the weekend and consumers were also more likely to search on those days, perhaps due to more down time.

Exposure to a travel ad on TV streaming and Microsoft Audience Ads drove a 9% increase in searches and 6% increase in click rate, compared with streaming alone.

Some brands saw a 47% increase in searches after consumers watched a TV streaming ad 11 or more times and were exposed to an Audience Ad.

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