AI-Powered Tools Suite For Advertisers, Publishers Launches

Teads late Monday announced a suit of AI-powered solutions across connected TV (CTV), performance, and contextual — all designed to elevate strategies for advertisers and publishers across media. 

While the company’s CTV expansion is significant, the most innovative tool supports the conversion and the creative processes.  

The goal is to give advertisers the tools to create, place, measure ads across all screens, said

“It reaffirms some of the things we set out to do a few years ago,” Jeremy Arditi, Co-CEO of Teads, says. “In 2021, we started to take an expanded role in media. The focus prior was on in-article video advertising, which remains the majority of our business.”

Teads Conversions is a performance advertising solution that helps brands with lower-funnel objectives like online sales or subscription for streaming services. This is an area that Teads has not historically supported. It launched today after a successful beta program with more than 150 campaigns spanning 35 markets.



During the beta, Teads helped achieve clients’ cost-per-action goals in 75% of the campaigns and experienced success across entertainment, travel, ecommerce and telecommunications service providers.

One of the more innovative products that also launched today is Teads AI Creative Lab, which allows advertisers to automatically create versions and formats of ads for any campaign.

The platform, built on generative artificial intelligence (GAI), analyzes all the images and text from the website, and pulls images and text to assemble the ads and campaign. It helps to ensure that images for the ads are in compliance.

The AI input into the platform of text and images come from the website of the brand.

The images are analyzed to generate the ideal message. Text-based assets such as descriptions and automatically generated headlines allow the marketer to choose an option.

About five automotive companies tested the platform.

Remi Cackel, chief product officer at Teads, explained that the company initially began to build Teads AI Creative Lab with generating new images, which became a bit challenging, and then switched to existing images.

But using existing images created its own challenges. AI then needed to resize images to fit into a new format.

Another challenge followed -- fitting the image into many sizes for many screens. It all became possible with AI.

The focus on desktop for Teads has increasingly advanced to include CTV expanding its CTV support worldwide.

The company initially launched in the U.S. in 2021, and more recently in Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

Today Teads added its CTV offering across Asia-Pacific (APAC), starting with Australia, India, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Teads also has a platform that enables advertisers to place the ads from the creative platform based on a variety of criteria such as budgets.

The ads live within Teads Ad Manager. Buyers select the versions of the ads and set up specific campaign budgets and place the ads with premium publishers.

The company also introduced Teads AI-powered Data Suit, a toolkit of data-powered solutions that is fueled by 150 billion daily contextual data signals from premium publishing partners. 

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