An AI Performance-Based Search Company That Is Different

Intango launched a search division this week run by industry veteran Ido Amit.

Amit, appointed head of search, brings nearly 15 years of experience from companies such as SimilarWeb, where he served as director of research and development. Previously, he held leadership roles at Conduit, Codefuel, and Perion.

Intango, an Israeli-based ad-tech company, has been part of the search industry for years, but two things have changed, Amit said. The company has brought in AI to create a "brain." It also offers the ability to support programmatic ad buying.

Ouna, a Hebrew reference from the Israeli-based company, translated into English means a “lobe of the brain.” Amit said it represents the company’s push into AI supported by research.

This transition reflects a strategic consolidation of Intango’s extensive experience and capabilities in search, and further strengthens its commitment to advertising, especially now as the industry moves toward a future free from third-party cookies. 

The search unit, Ouna, will focus on performance-based advertising for B2C products and programmatic distribution of products through real-time bidding engines such as Google’s ad exchange, which is integrated into Google Ad Manager.



Competitors include Rise and Beeswax, companies that help advertisers make the most of data.

Ouna tested the process internally for more than a year. Now it has begun to take on new clients — brands with software or app developers — to distribute products based on a performance advertising model supported by AI.

It will distribute advertisers’ products on search or display ads for mobile and desktop. Then it will expand the service to programmatic distribution engines.

“The two co-exist,” he said. “They cannot live without each other.”

He said the idea of distributing software is not as easy as it sounds. Companies like those looking to sell and install antivirus software on consumers’ computers.

“We need to do our own research to determine the best time to advertise and where, and build our own models,” he said. “This is the service we want to provide.”

Ouna will also provide a service he called arbitrage traffic for search. The company buys traffic through Yahoo, Bing, and Google for any type of market such as automobiles.

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