Daily Online Examiner Editions for January 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Jan. 29, 2016
T-Mobile's Binge On Undermines Net Neutrality, Stanford Report Says
Mediacom Sues Iowa City Muni-Broadband Network
Millennial Parents Turn To Net For Advice
Multi-Time Machine Wants To Take Amazon Battle To Supreme Court
Aereo Founder's Plan To Develop 1 GB WiFi Faces Hurdles
In Advanced TV, Viewer ID Must Remain Sacred
Information Commissioner Warns Brands Of Customer Wrath And Massive Fines
Google Reveals Reward Paid To Guy Who Surrendered Domain Name
'Forbes' Tests Ways To Sideline Ad Blocking
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016
Cable Companies Fight Proposed Set-Top Box Changes
Amazon, Fox News And Others Join T-Mobile's 'Binge On'
FilmOn X Not Entitled To Cable License, Broadcasters Tell Appellate Court
Proposed Bill Could Spur New Cross-Border Data Pact
Connected Consumer Technology Security Risks Seen
Data Breach Made Government Emails Readable by Hackers
Email Most Used Channel For Data Collection
5 Key Takeaways From The FTC's Native Guidelines
Marketing Technology Will Collapse The Digital-Ad Supply Chain
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016
Aereo Founder's New Project Could Include Ad Blocking
Conde Nast Reacts To FTC Guidance On Native
Google Backs FCC Proposal For New Set-Top Box Rules
Why The Time Is Perfect For The IAB's Data Center Of Excellence
AT&T To Launch Web Video Service
IAB: Identifying Cross-Channel Audiences Key To Marketers In 2016
Ad Fraud Soaring -- Programmatic Most Susceptible
A Chat With Google's Ad Boss on Ad Blocking, AMP Ad Viewability & Enhanced Campaigns
Movies Have A Diversity Problem, But Not YouTube
Prisons Charge Inmates to Email Families
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016
Report Warns Of Privacy Risks Posed By Broadband Providers
Carrier IQ Privacy Suit Settles For $9 Million
Social Media Linked To Sleep Loss, Again
Valuable Audiences Have Higher Fraud Rates
The New Reach Of Beacons: Broadway, Rite-Aid, Sales Terminals
Comcast And Post-Merger Charter To Control 70% Of Broadband Connections
Is What's Good For Publishers Good For Consumers?
Buzzfeed Hit With Defamation Lawsuit
Google Experiments With Content For Political-Related Searches
Reporter Accuses State Department of Tampering With Release of Clinton Emails
Online Video Visits To Prisoners Don't Work
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Jan. 25, 2016
Online Ad Chaos Drives Ad-Blocking, IAB Chief Says
Judge Dismisses 'Faceprint' Suit Against Facebook In Illinois
Privacy Groups Urge Court To Uphold New Text-Spam Rules
IAB Launches The IAB Data Center Of Excellence
Microsoft To Hide Skype Users' IP Addresses
Native Advertising Is Part Of Silicon Valley's Irreverent Ethos
Microsoft Backs Away From FairSearch
CNET On Brave Browser
Does Google Really Think We're That Stupid?
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Jan. 22, 2016
GOP Senators Say People Don't Need 25 Mbps Broadband
Privacy Worries: Politicians Collect Our Data-Then Can Sell It
Apple Presses Supreme Court To Hear Ebooks Antitrust Appeal
FTC To Ad Tech Industry: More Transparency, User Control Over Data Necessary
Netflix Starts Enforcing Geographic Restrictions
Aereo CEO To Launch New Broadband Access Company
Google's $1 Billion Apple Payoff To Keep Search On iPhone
FTC Presses Ad Industry To Allow Consumers To Opt Out Of Tracking
Former Defense Secretary Said Enemies Likely Tried to Hack Clinton's Email Server
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016
New Coalition Opposes Charter Takeover Of Time Warner
Advocates Urge Court To Reconsider Facebook's $20 Million 'Sponsored Stories' Settlement
Ava, The Duchess Of Native Botvertising
The Cross-Device Conundrums Of 2016
Google Releases Bad Ads Report 2015 Days Before IAB Leadership Meeting
Netflix Supports T-Mobile's Binge On
Smart Thermostat Found 'Leaking' Data
Don't Get Angry At The IAB's Blocking Of Adblock Plus
Why Search Marketers Should Think Cross-Device Programmatic
Spammers Get Artisanal
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016
Campbell Ewald Can't Shake Suit Over Text Ads
State Lawmakers Introduce Privacy Bills
Consumer Advocates Press FCC For Broadband Privacy Regs
IAB Bars AdBlock Plus, Welcomes Ghostery To Speak
Google Play Removes Game Depicting 2014 Pakistani Terrorist Attack Day Before New School Massacre
Yahoo Mail Vulnerability is Fixed
MLB Will Allow In-Market Streaming Of Local Teams
"The Reckoning" Tackles Native Advertising And Trust
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016
Verizon Rolls Out Toll-Free Data
DoubleVerify Gains Certification For Anti-Piracy Services
Be Predictive And Personal, Says CMO Council Study
A Frank Chat About Ad Blocking
Fraud, Bots And The Clean Players
Programmatic May Be Problematic, But Agencies Set Up Own Capabilities
Math Prof Obtains Turn's Data
Consumers Uneasy On IoT Adoption
Bogus Traffic Plagues Online Ad Biz
Most CEOs Still Not On Social Media
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Jan. 18, 2016
T-Mobile's Description Of 'Binge On' May Violate FCC Rule
EU Antitrust Enforcer To Look At Online Data Collection
LinkedIn Users Press Judge To Approve $13 Million Email Privacy Settlement
Privacy Issues Stay On Top Of Agenda
Google Fiber Eyes L.A., Chicago
MasterCard Chief Raises Barbie Privacy Issues
Steve Brill Takes On News Business
EU Data Regulations Tough On Social Nets
Google Tweaks Language For Use Of 'Curvy' Keywords In Gmail Ads
Is Google Swinging The Axe On Untagged Native Advertising?
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