Marketing Daily Editions for April 2009
Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 30, 2009
Who's Been Ice Skating?
Kohl's Collects Green Honors
The Future Of Luxury
Estee Lauder Makes Big Changes At Top
MLB: Buy A Jersey, Get A Ticket
For Sprint, Internet's Immediacy Demonstrates 'Now' Of Network
Toasted Head Fires Up Fans Via Facebook
General Mills Network Taps Blogger Moms
Polk: Most Consumers Will Buy Vehicles In Next Two Years
Sustainability Counts: 54% Of Grocery Shoppers Favor Greener Brands
Aggressive Promotions Working For Burger King
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Clear Channel Radio Axes Corporate Marketing
Social Media: Hype Versus Utility
HMO Giant Adds Spots To 'Thrive' Effort
Who's Been Skiing?
Whole Foods Launches Mother's Day Contest
Kia Soul To Be Painted At 'Adult Swim'
Dealers Association on Pontiac's Demise
Verizon Wireless To Sponsor 'Fearless' Tour
True Value Positions Self As 'Hardwarian Master'
Crocs Launches Prepair, Post-Workout Footwear
Cancer Center Launches National Campaign
Edmunds: Ford Will Outperform Imports
Church's Chicken Pairs Twitter, Good Works
Volvo Exclusive Sponsor For Edmunds Mobile
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Nike Tunes De La Soul
GM To Focus On Four 'Keeper' Brands
Krispy Kreme Intros Minis With Car Sweeps
Shoppers Still Lovin' On Walmart
Bristol-Myers Calls For Entries
Verizon Revenues Up In Q1
4 Steps To Improved One-To-One Marketing
OMG! Teens Slash Clothing Spending
Cheerios-Discovered Authors Get Book Deals
Gillette Is 'Stayin' Alive' With Viral Effort
Kodak Invites Fans To Fantasy Golf Game
Marketing Daily - Monday, April 27, 2009
Uggs Regains Its Fashion Footing
Marble Slab Creamery Rebranding
The Battle Between Art & The Algorithm
Mini Plans Big Events For Golden Milestone
The View From Your Window
Teen Downloads Billionth App From Apple
Report: Private-Label Use Tops 97%
Study Finds Latinas Ambitious, Nurturing
Premium Foods, Beverages Redefine Simplicity
Ford Joins Audi Inside New Yankee Stadium
Marketing Daily - Friday, April 24, 2009
EA Creates Sports Complex For PS3
The View From Your Window
J.D. Power: Awful Auto Sales Stabilizing
Domino's Does House Parties
Dos Equis Tours For Cinco de Mayo
Sears Tool Helps Reduce Carbon Footprints
Subaru Backs Retail Tour
Ford Reportedly Wants Dealer Concessions
Six Small Steps
Marketers Hustle To Launch 'Econo-Chic' Products
LG Inks Heidi Klum For Fashionista Approach
MLB, 'People' To Honor 'All-Stars Among Us'
Survey: Metrics Biggest Integration Obstacle
Revamped Facebook Pages Aid Branded Apps
Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 23, 2009
Verizon, Los Tigres Team In Promo
MLB, Disney Go To Bat For 'G-Force'
The Myopic Misunderstanding of SEM
Top 10 Latino Performers
'Hills' Star Partners With Kohl's On Clothes
Porsche: Test Drives Work Better Than Hood Cash
Lipton Intros Sparkling Green Tea
AT&T Cites Economy As Revenues Fall
Fresh & Easy Losses Doubled; Format Revamped
SunChips Keeps Building Green Momentum
Online Strategy Is Key For Hotels, Firm Finds
Dove Breaks For Real-Life 'Gossip Girls'
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 22, 2009
M&M's Plays Hoops With The NBA
Top 10 Green Vehicles
'Product Of The Year' Calls For Entries
How To Become 'Their' Brand
Pizza Hut 'Twintern' to Guide Twitter Presence
Vespa Gets Frequent Flyer Miles
P&G Changes Leadership In Prestige
Cotton Incorporated Updates 'Touch, Feel' Campaign
Credit Card Rewards Pass Frequent Fliers
Chevron Touts Texaco Gas In 'Tex Message' Ads
Index Finds Four Beer Brands Worth Retiring
McDonald's Rolls Out In-Store Channel
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Smarthome Launches Online Sweepstakes
IPod Didn't Kill The Radio Star
Kia, Microsoft To Promote Soul On Xbox
The View From Your Window
Brand Keys: Mom Won't Get Fewer Flowers
Hasbro Earnings, Revenues Off In Q1
Timberland Kicks Off National Donation Effort
Kellogg Pulls 'False' Claim From Cereal Ad
Mitsubishi Digital Taps Facebook For Promo
Vespa Enlists Singers For Calif. 'Experiment'
S&P Downgrades Macy's And Penney To Junk
Go Mobile: Puma Strikes Major Deal For Volvo Race
Marketing Daily - Monday, April 20, 2009
The View From Your Window
Mattel's Sales Tumble; Posts Loss
The Brand Plays On
Coke Taps YouTube, Facebook For Sprite
Mother's Day Spend Expected To Go Down
Olive Oils Face Slower Growth Ahead
Pessimism Sets In Among 'Luxury Consumers'
Q&A: A Fresh Look At 50
ANA Warns FCC Against Push For Ad Ratings
More Weigh Efficiency In Buying Electronics
Marketing Daily - Friday, April 17, 2009
RadioShack Tunes In New Creative AOR
Telemarketer Rule Is Opportunity Knocking
SunChips Rolling Out Compostable Package
The View From Your Window
Krispy Kreme's Financials Improve
Sponsors Line Up To Back Green Apple Festival
Post Shredded Wheat Celebrates Non-innovation
NPD Forecasts Hike In Entertainment Spend
Macy's Launches Eco Marketing Campaign
Gillette Enters 70th Year Of MLB Sponsorship
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