Marketing Daily
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  • GM To Focus On Four 'Keeper' Brands

    "The objective is not to survive but to develop a plan to win," says CEO Fritz Henderson. "I'm not focused on size and bigness; … Read the whole story

  • 4 Steps To Improved One-To-One Marketing

    The Holy Grail of marketing is pinpointing the individual customer so precisely that they feel they are being offered a service rather than a … Read the whole story

  • OMG! Teens Slash Clothing Spending

    A bigger surprise, however, is that they're actually spending more on shoes -- a 9% increase, according to the 17th semiannual survey, and 8% … Read the whole story

  • Cheerios-Discovered Authors Get Book Deals

    The program aims to encourage parents and children to enjoy reading together, as well as get great books into kids' hands, according to Cheerios … Read the whole story

  • Gillette Is 'Stayin' Alive' With Viral Effort

    Jon Krevolin, BBDO creative director, says the promotional effort is the wave of the future for the normally staid brand. "Incremental changes [to how … Read the whole story

  • Kodak Invites Fans To Fantasy Golf Game

    "We see the fantasy game as an extension of our sponsorship of the corporate tour," Steven Powell, director of Kodak Challenge Program Development, tells … Read the whole story