Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for October 2018
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018
Editor Calls For Boycott On Fox News Advertisers Who 'Bankroll The Poison'
Vote For A Referendum You Won't See On The Ballot Next Week
Trump Twitter Account 'Personal,' Not Governmental, DOJ Argues
Midterm Campaigns Make Billion-Dollar Blunder
Gab Isn't, For Now: What's The Next New Hate-Mongering Platform?
Platforms Sever Ties With Hate Site Gab, Twitter Apologizes For Sayoc Tweet
Getting Out The Vote: Female Stars Reach Out To Women, 'Pop-Up Experience' Lures Millennials
FCC Should Face Probe Over Phony Comments, Senate Democrats Say
Arguments Deliver Audience: Get Out And Vote
Google Ad Trackers Found On 57% Of Political Campaign Sites
Nearly Half Of Tech Workers Say They Lack Political Freedom, Free Speech At Work
Making Waves With Advanced TV Ads In Midterms
Marsha Blackburn Campaign Ads Too 'Shocking' For Google To Run
Court Won't Reconsider Robo-Texting Ruling Against Crunch
Inbox Politics: Are Conservative Voices Being Driven To Email?
Politics And The Power Of Empathy
How Should TV News Cover Outright Lies?
Will Twitter Eliminate 'Echo Chambers' That Stoke Hateful Views?
Zuckerberg Urged Again To Testify On Fake News To MPs
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018
Google: Florida Top Digital Political Ad Spending State
Midterms, A Tale Of Two Media Narratives: Healthcare Vs. 'Caravan'
Fact: Older Americans Aren't As Good At Discerning It
New Research Reveals Unexpected Source Of Kaepernick's Power For Nike
U.S. Voters Attack Search Engines With Political Questions
Beto O'Rourke Campaign Hit With Class-Action Over Robotexts
U.S. Embassy Apologizes For Feline Email
Politics Is Poisoning Brand Marketing, Education And Accountability Can Help
'The Prosecutor & The Presidency': The News Behind The News
Texas, Nebraska And Arkansas Support FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal
Federal Agency Shuts Down Self-Driving School Bus Test
MRI Unveils New Media Planning Segment: Cannabis Users
Perception Vs. Reality: Cannabis Users Read 'Rolling Stone,' 'National Geographic,' Too
In Search Of Free Speech
Battle Over Negative Reviews On Yelp Could Go To Supreme Court
Meredith Corp., ANA Team To Promote #SeeHer Movement
Facebook Sued Over Location Tracking
White House Wants Tech Employees To Take Government Work
Tim Cook Calls for U.S. Privacy Law, Blasts 'Weaponization' Of Data
Apple Pushes Against 'Weaponizing' Personal Information And For U.S. Online Privacy Laws
Political Spam Rises As Midterms Approach
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Oct. 19, 2018
Just Do It, Or Not Do It: That Is The Question This Decision Tree Answers
Trump Sued For Retaliating Against Media Companies
Right-Wing Media Roars Over Elizabeth Warren's New Ancestry Claims
Facebook Adds Policies To Fight Voter Suppression
Will Trump's Future Include Media Ownership?
Fox News Taps TV Talent For Fox Nation Streaming Service
Maine Governor Can't Take Facebook Fight To Higher Court
Trump-Aligned Super PAC To Bid On Tribune Media
Study: 1300 Communities Have Lost Newspaper Coverage, Serious Implications For Democracy
NYU, Borrell Separately Analyze Political Media Spend Of Specific Platforms
Twitter Wants Balanced Brexit Debates - Shame Social Media Users Don't
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018
Beltway & Vine: Voters Split On Role Of Celebrity Endorsements In Politics
Uber To Offer Free Rides On Election Day
Bing Announces Changes To Its Political Ad Policy
Unite For Change Party Looking For An Ad Agency
Trump's Tariff War Hits Tech Hard
TV Played Role In Generating, Maintaining Kavanaugh Heat
Trump Campaign Sends Kavanaugh Victory Lap Email
Inflation Fears Abound, Media Stocks Drop
Barbie, Dove Get Ready For The Day Of The Girl
Cyber Execs Find Privacy Laws Confusing, Study Finds
What Surveys Do We Trust About The Media?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018
Media Outlets On Right Show Their Teeth In Defense Of Kavanaugh
Simmons Finds News 'Doubters' Swung Presidential Election
Knight-Gallup Study Finds Media Bias Highest In Those Who Are Distrustful, Partisan
Alex Jones Sues PayPal Over Ban, Seeks Reinstatement
Twitter Turns Up Heat On Fake Accounts
'The 'Washington Post Magazine' Adds Features, Updates Design
Beto: Betting On Social Media
Character Finds Role On Madison Avenue: Why 'Traits' Are The Next New Thing
Report: Majority Of Global Consumers Are 'Belief-Driven' Buyers
Hyundai, Tate Modern Open Politically Charged Exhibit
Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings Made For Engaging TV
Fox News Tops Nets For Kavanaugh Ratings
U.S., Canada Clinch New, Rebranded Trade Deal