• The Department: Can Faster Be Better?
    As if it's not enough that media people today work amid unprecedented change in the media and marketing worlds, we're also asked to deal with it - to cut paths through uncharted territory - at warp speed.
  • Working the Workplace
    Media buyers want to reach households, but studies show that most people spend more time at their workplaces rather than at home.
  • The Other Mobile Market
    Daniel sage thinks he has found advertising's new frontier.
  • On the Shopping List
    Wandering through the mall, wondering where to find the best deals? Keep an eye out for full-motion "smart screens" from Adspace Networks Inc.
  • Swag for Street Cred
    In the constant battle for brand awareness, advertisers can make sure their message is reaching audiences by enlisting the audiences themselves.
  • Veoh My!
    Now that the Internet has given your neighbor and her video camera enough broadcasting power to rival a major television network, Web video technology company Veoh wants to make it just as enjoyable to watch.
  • A Corporate "I Do"
    From afar, it looks like a marriage made in heaven: Brides and grooms looking to save cash, partner with companies looking for some publicity, and before you know it, you're invited to a wedding sponsored by advertisers.
  • Quirks in the Kitchen
    Food network host Alton Brown has such an eccentric fan base that when the network simultaneously launched a branding campaign and initiative promoting Brown's limited series "Feasting On Asphalt," it decided to use a traditional tagline - and a nontraditional sub-tagline especially for Brown fans.
  • All About MeeVee
    TV keeps expanding its channels and choices. How are viewers supposed to keep up?
  • The Cupholder Overfloweth
    You have a soft drink in one hand and a bag of popcorn in the other, and you're ready to settle in for two hours of uninterrupted entertainment. Your cell phone is even turned off. But what's that in your cupholder?
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