• Column: The Buzz -- Pass Along or Click Through?
    With its September issue, Teen People published its final print edition, deciding instead to focus exclusively on an online edition.
  • Giving In to MySpace
    "Absolutely not." It was the same response I always gave when asked whether I had joined the latest social networking Web site.
  • Walking the Talk
    Kiss paper flyers good-bye.
  • Sorry, You're Breaking Up
    At last, the passive-aggressive among us can get out of bad relationships as easily as normal people: Have Shannen Doherty do it on "Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty," a new reality show on the Oxygen cable network.
  • Ads on the Lamb
    Before there were brands, there was branding - of livestock.
  • The Download Down-Low
    The industry has struggled to unlock itunes metrics, but Internet marketing firm Oneupweb says it has cracked the code.
  • Building a Smarter World
    How can the latest advances in digital media technologies impact your home and office while also improving healthcare?
  • Bridging the Gap
    The firm that this year announced it could track podcast listens and swap out ads by demographic now says it can do the same for video.
  • Killer Maps Apps
    Online maps have provided fertile new territory for advertisers.
  • The Tivo Chip
    Kids' TV protection technology hasn't significantly advanced in 15 years.
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