• Get a Bob
    It's unlike any other vehicle on the road today.
  • Getting to Know the Fans
    The roar of the crowd after a three-pointer is a sweet sound to the management of WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks basketball team. Yet marketing execs have only recently begun to find out more about the fans who fill the seats at game time.
  • Turn On, Tune In
    Pl8r: Does anyone know the song from the new Cingular commercial for the Pantech C300 flip phone? There are two different versions, one with a guy singing and one with a girl band.
  • Much Less Is More
    As media fragment into ever smaller shards, so do the ads. In the time it takes Homer Simpson to say "D'oh!," the latest "Blinks" ad format from Clear Channel has come and gone.
  • Talk About Flash Ads
    The streets of London were overtaken by exposed bellies touting such marketers as ITV London, Edeus Mortgage Creators, and The Mander Shopping Centre.
  • McMemories
    McDonald's recently decided to dust off some of its best-loved characters and advertising slogans for a line of vintage T-shirts that has the celebrity set drooling.
  • Easy Readers
    If you make a mental list of every literary classic you've wanted to read (or reread), chances are, like most time-deprived individuals, you're not even halfway through your exhaustive wish list.
  • Wheel-Time Ads
    Cereal makers, deodorant peddlers, and paper towel sellers have faced the dilemma for years of how to reach consumers at the very moment they trundle down the aisle in the grocery store contemplating which brand to buy.
  • Rabbit Is Back
    Avid Playboy readers know that the bunny is hidden on the magazine's cover each month. In a unique collaboration with Volkswagen, the September issue had a rabbit hidden on both the front and back cover, the latter in an ad marking the return of the Volkswagen Rabbit.
  • Satellite's Low Orbit
    For advertisers, satellite radio is rather tricky.
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