• Mobile Impact on the Future of Air Travel
    Mobile is likely to have a significant impact on the future of air travel, as more precise location technology is used to aid travelers by guiding them through the check-in process and along their way to their respective gates.
  • Commerce and the Mobile Insider Summit
    The 3-day Mobile Insider Summit kicking of this evening in Captiva, Florida, should bring lots of discussion around mCommerce in the course of a wide range of topics expected to be explored over the course of the conference.
  • Testing The Old To Work With The New
    Airlines, retailers and financial institutions are doing plenty of mobile testing behind the scenes before launching new mobile commerce functionality. Part of the challenge is making sure the past features still work with the new.
  • Augmenting the Mobile Shopping Experience
    Retailers and marketers continue to look for new and effective ways to interact and engage with customers through the mobile devices while they shop. The key is to find the best ways to provide value to the shopper as well as finding the best success metrics.
  • Snowed-in & Mobile Shopping
    With snow keeping many consumers in their homes, it could present the perfect opportunity to do some mobile shopping, though not all aspects of mobile, such as location, will be of high value.
  • The Value in Post-Couponing
    While traditional coupons offer shoppers products at a lower price, there are rewards programs that can provide value after the sale without much effort on the part of the consumer.
  • Mobile Payments: The How vs. the Who
    The issue of which method of mobile payments is preferred may be superseded by who is ultimately going to send the bill for payment to the customer.
  • The Great Digital Wallet Gap: Awareness & Usage
    There's a distance to go before widespread usage of digital wallets. Many consumers are not aware of them and of those who are, many have not yet used them.
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