• Airlines Build Out Mobile Apps, Wait For Consumers
    Airlines have been gearing for mobile commerce in a big way and now are awaiting more smartphone activity by consumers. Three out of four airlines now have mobile boarding pass and check-in capabilities, features expected to be in 90% of airlines' mobile apps within three years, according to the latest gauge. Despite the wide availability of such services, most travelers still aren't using them. In the last year, check-in by mobile app accounted for 12% of passengers, which was up from 9% a year earlier, according to a study by SITA, the airline industry organization.
  • As Consumers Turn To Mobile Apps, Retailers Lag In Usage
    Mobile apps have been holding their own in the world of shopping, but consumers are doing a lot more than that with apps. More money is being spent per order via mobile apps compared to desktop and mobile Web site spending, according to the latest research from Criteo. This is good news in the world of online selling, since shoppers spent more than $10 billion online during the last month, according to the IMGR Capgemini eRetail Sales Index that is just out.
  • 70% Of Those Who Bought In A Store Checked Mobile First
    The simple shopping habits before smartphones typically involved a lot of searching at home and shopping in stores. A consumer could have been searching online or browsing through newspaper ads before heading to a store or mall. Those were essentially the two main shopping arenas. Smartphones extended shopping activity so that it could be all the time and in any place.
  • 87% Of Millennials Use Mobile Banking; Security Still Top Barrier
    Consumer expectations have both an upside and a downside for the growth of mobile payments. We know from numerous studies that there are various barriers to masses of consumers jumping onto the mobile payments bandwagon. While retailers have been gradually upgrading sales terminals to be able to accept various mobile payment methods, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, consumers with capable phones still have been reluctant to give up paying by cash or credit card.