• 69% of Salespeople Getting Mobile to Help Shoppers
    Mobile shopping is moving into the hands of salespeople. Just last year, slightly more than a third (37%) of retailers' employees were using mobile devices in-store, with fewer than one in five planning to add it, based on a new study. This year, almost half (49%) of retailers said they now provide mobile devices to store associates and an additional 20% plan to add employee mobility in the near future.
  • 84% of Consumers Use Smartphones While in a Store; Retail Websites Top Apps
    Retailer apps are seen as convenient and fast but when it comes to making a smartphone purchase, the retailer website continues to win out. In just about every category of mobile shopping, consumers turn to the retailer's website on their phone's mobile browser rather than using the retailer's app, based on a new study.
  • Mobile Payments & Death by a Thousand Cuts
    It's pretty safe to say that no mobile payments platforms have taken off like a rocket right out of the gate. Google had some early glitches, many not of its own doing, thanks to the phone carriers. Those got resolved and Android Pay emerged.
  • Mobile Shopping & In-Bag Checkout
    In-aisle checkout may be getting closer. At the annual eTail East conference and exhibition in Boston yesterday, one of the most interesting displays I came across involved an innovative approach to in-aisle shopping.
  • Back-to-School Smartphone Shoppers: 63% Compare Prices, 62% Look for Deals
    Smartphones are front and center in back-to-school smartphone shopping this year and they're going to be used mostly to make sure the consumer is getting the best price. More than three quarters (78%) of parents are using their phones for back-to-school shopping, 7% more than last year, based on a new survey commissioned by Retale.
  • Best Time to Go to the Store? Ask Google
    Leveraging mobile location data keeps getting better. Even though I have a Garmin GPS in my car and various mapping apps on my iPhone, I always turn to my Android phone for Google Navigation to gauge traffic and estimated arrival time.
  • Mobile Shoppers Looking for Products Start at Amazon
    The starting point for mobile shoppers depends on what they're looking for. When looking for information, Google wins out, but for products, it's all Amazon, based on a new study.
  • Click-to-Call Commerce: $1 Trillion
    While consumers use their smartphones to do many things, they still use them to call a business when they see an ad that interests them. And when they click to call in an ad, up to one in four becomes an active customer, based on a new study.
  • Retailers' App Users Visit the Store 12 More Times a Year
    The idea that a large number of consumers don't use apps for shopping has always intrigued me. Many retailers' apps offer a far superior shopping experience than mobile websites, but they don't always win out.
  • Fraud Rate on Mobile Passes Online & In-Store
    Mobile fraud is on the rise. Somewhat ironically, the fraud rate on transactions not involving a phone have decreased significantly, as more transactions become mobilized, based on a new study.
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