• Mobile Payments Finally Catch a Break
    After all these years, mobile payments may be getting its long-awaited break in market adoption. This isn't because all of a sudden mobile payments improved or that millions of consumers happened to feel the need to use their mobile phone to pay for things. But rather, it's a series of multiple things coincidentally happening all around the same time.
  • Mobile Millennial Shoppers: 61% Looking for Immediate Deals
    It's no secret that mobile shoppers are getting more comfortable using their phones while shopping in a physical store. Even as retailers gear up for the wave of holiday shoppers that numerous studies are projecting, many shoppers can be expected to turn to their phones to get product information on the fly. In addition to consumers using their phones to search for information, millennials also act on mobile notifications sent to them while in a store.
  • Holiday Shoppers Head to Store, Phones in Hand
    It looks like holiday shopping by mobile phone will be bigger this year, shoppers will start early and most retailers who don't have items when desired will lose the sale. Everything around holiday shopping seems earlier this year, including the flood of research and studies forecasting the coming impact. The majority (54%) of shoppers expect retailer holiday promotions to begin by now, with most (85%) expecting them to begin before Black Friday, according to one survey.
  • Smartphone Consumers: Most Use 1-6 Apps a Day, 61% Access Browser
    The app vs. mobile website dilemma continues. For the longest time, many major retailers have found that their customers prefer mobile websites over their apps, no matter how much better the app is for an interactive experience. Various studies also regularly pointed to mobile website over app preferences by shoppers.