• Getting the Parts of Mobile Commerce to Work Together
    Some parts of the mobile commerce chain are yet to be glued together. This became obvious yet again as following the Mobile Insider Summit in Captiva Florida this week, I happened to have dinner at a fine restaurant in Fort Myers.
  • The Lowdown on Low Energy Beacons
    Beacons, beacons everywhere. In the category of bright, shiny objects discussed at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit this week, the subject of Apple's iBeacon (and beacons in general) had to come up.
  • Cars & the Road to Mobile Commerce
    The mobile shopping path is impacting all categories, even cars. This became even more apparent in the Day 3 keynote presentation at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit.
  • Missing the Target with Targeted Ads
    There's targeting by location and then there's missing the location altogether. At least that's the impression given from an early morning presentation at Day 2 of the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit here in Captiva, Florida.
  • The Never-Ending, Mobile Testing Mentality
    Early in the mobile commerce revolution, the concept of test and learn became commonplace. This was for numerous reasons, but primarily at the time it was so early that no one had a good handle on what would work, since not many things had been tried. Smartphone possession also had not reached the majority of consumers. Fast forward some years later, at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit in Captiva, Florida,
  • All-the-Time Shopping: Mobile Beyond the Transaction
    While buying from a mobile device continues to inch upward, mobile continues to permeate the entire purchase process. The sales transaction today is now just one component in the course of the mobile shopping process.
  • What, You Still Use a Plastic Card to Get Cash from an ATM?
    Getting cash from an ATM is moving to the smartphone as the gradual move to cardless cash continues. Smartphones are starting to augment the activity of some machines.
  • Early Adopters: The Driving Force for Mobile Payments
    Current mobile money users, hardly a majority of smartphone owners, may become a driving force for commerce overall. A new report highlights the importance of that group, with more than a quarter (26%) of them more likely to make a purchase via mobile.
  • The Rise of Mobile Payments: One Person at a Time
    Paying by mobile may just be a matter of numbers, basically one person learning at a time. With so many new payment systems being introduced on a recurring basis around the world, it only seems natural that sooner or later most consumers will cross paths with one.
  • Mobile Shoppers & Privacy vs. Relevant Offers
    Mobile location capabilities are evolving into presenting what could be an intriguing challenge for retailers. The question is what's more important for consumers: privacy vs. relevant offers.
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