• IoT, Mobile & Connected Shoppers: Views from MIT
    One of major obstacles to mobile commerce is less the technology and more the knowledge about the technology. This point was driven home at an IoT (Internet of Things) conference I attended yesterday. During a discussion of connected retail technology and customer engagement innovation at Connected Things 2015, run by the MIT Enterprise Forum in Cambridge, one of the speakers pointed out that many consumers have no idea where technology is embedded, what it does or even how to use it.
  • Neiman Marcus Launches Its Own Mobile Wallet
    With all the recent mobile payment announcements from various providers of the technologies, there may be an under-the-radar trend evolving. With much fanfare, Apple Pay entered the market so that anyone with an iPhone 6 could pay by tapping the phone at a point of sale terminal equipped to accept it, all courtesy of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in the phone.
  • 235 Billion App Downloads This Year; 99% Not Paid
    Download now, pay later. It looks like that's the new mobile app model. A scant 1% of mobile apps are paid for at the point of download, based on a new global study.
  • Google Wallet Wins; Softcard Bails from Mobile Payments
    Google Wallet is back. Finally giving up on its mobile payments excursion, the joint venture of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile known as Softcard is selling its technology to Google. In some of the earlier mobile payment days, Google Wallet was innovative and worked quite well. Then the mobile carriers decided to get into the payments game and essentially shut Google out.
  • Mobile Digital Sales: Games $3 Billion, Ebooks $4 Billion
    We often hear about the impact that mobile is having on the purchase of physical goods, but quite a lot is happening relating to mobile sales in the digital world. A couple of recent reports reminded me that mobile has been muscling in on a number of areas previously dominated by desktop interactions.
  • 42% Mobile Commerce Growth; 33% Buy via Smartphone
    It's been obvious for some time that mobile commerce has been increasing and now some additional global research points to just about how much. A new mobile shopping study found that mobile commerce is growing 42% annually over a four-year period, even though it's still a relatively small portion of online spending. Smartphone purchases account for 9% of online spending and tablets 5%, according to the research.
  • Samsung Buys LoopPay; Mobile Payments March Forward
    Mobile payments just got a very major boost. Following many months of rumors of Samsung coming out with its own version of mobile payments to counter Apple Pay, the company just decided to acquire mobile payments startup LoopPay. This is a very interesting mobile payments development on multiple levels.
  • Beaconing & Moving Beyond the Smartphone
    Beaconing isn't just getting bigger, it's also getting better. This became quite evident at the last week's MediaPost IoT: Beacons conference as well as from numerous announcements around recent beacon technology and deployments.
  • Valentine's Day Shopping: Mobile Sales Up 35%
    Mobile commerce had a Happy Valentine's Day. Online sales numbers for U.S. retail are in and it turns out that a lot of mobile searching was going on with an increasing number of sales moving from desktop to smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile Shopping: 49% Research Products, Compare Prices
    Consumers continue to use their smartphones to shop, even if they don't make the final purchase on their mobile device. In retail, mobile may be responsible for only a relatively small piece of overall sales, but it doesn't mean it's not a critical factor in setting the stage for purchases.
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