• 57% of Parents Tap Mobile For Back-To-School Shopping
    Back-to-school shopping, another annual benchmark for the magnitude of mobile commerce, is just about over for many parents, so the final tallies are just around the corner. Indications are that the shopping season was another strong one for mobile, with smartphones continuing their move to center stage. For overall spending, most (91%) parents expected to spend the same or more than last year, according to a study conducted by Survata for Fatwallet.
  • 78% Satisfied With Mobile Banking, While Mobile Wallet Purchases Drop
    Getting consumers to move money through their smartphones has been a tricky proposition at best. As a pure cash or credit card replacement, mobile payments just aren't as easy. Various joint efforts by retailers haven't seemed to pan out and now retailers like Walmart and CVS are more or less going it alone, leveraging their own mobile apps.
  • Mobile Millennials: 63% Shop On Smartphones Every Day, 53% Buy In Stores
    Retailers worrying about millennials ditching their stores in favor of mobile purchasing may be focused in the wrong direction. Millennials are participating in mobile shopping in a big way but they still favor going to the store. As might be expected, most (63%) millennials shop on their smartphones every day, according to a new study.
  • Beacons At Retail To Be Felt Well After Shoppers Leave The Store
    Many more beacons will be felt, even if not necessarily seen. Beacons have been installed in many stores of many retailers, at least initially as trials of one sort or another. The little radio-transmitting, battery-powered devices have been sold by the thousands and many have been deployed at store entrances and in various departments.
  • Mobile Payments Wait For Consumers; 59% Not Interested
    One of the most commonly expected and long-awaited aspects of mobile commerce has been the widespread adoption of mobile payments. Based on the latest research, that adoption looks like it will stay pretty much where it is for a while.