• What's Holding Mobile Shopping Back? Let Me Count the Ways
    Mobile shopping behavior is evolving. As I wrote about yesterday (Why People Don't Use Smartphones to Shop), the top reasons people don't use their phones to shop are screen size (41%), security issues (39%), don't have a smartphone (20%), don't have a data plan (16%) or have a slow connection (13%).
  • Why People Don't Use Smartphones to Shop
    There are plenty of reasons consumers use smartphones to shop, ranging from access to product information to finding competitive pricing. And many shoppers find their own preferred path to purchase and their own reasons why.
  • Android Owners Spending More per Order; Overall Mobile Up
    More money is being spent through mobile. As smartphone and tablet owners become more comfortable buying things from their mobile devices, they're starting to spend more each time, based on new research. The average order size for smartphone purchases was $129 last quarter, compared to $109 the quarter before, based on the E-commerce Quarterly from Monetate, which analyzed more than 7 billion online shopping experiences during the last quarter.
  • The 3 Phases of Mobile Payments
    It looks like we're getting into the serious first phase of mobile payments. With the annual Mobile World Congress in full swing in Barcelona, we could expect a slew of new announcements around all things mobile. Samsung touted its new Galaxy S5, replete with fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, and Microsoft's Nokia launched its first Android phones. On the mobile commerce front, mobile payment platforms continued to play out.
  • More Mobile Shoppers Like Convenience of Websites Over Apps
    Consumers use both apps and mobile websites to shop, but more find using the mobile browser to be convenient. In the continuing debate of apps vs. mobile websites for shopping, a new study finds consumers split, with only a negligible difference between the two.
  • 83% Plan to Purchase Via Mobile, Up 15%
    More money continues to move through mobile. Most (68%) consumers already have spent money on an activity via mobile and even more spending is anticipated, based on a new global study by InMobi.
  • Mobile Messaging: Winning Over Payments
    Mobile messaging is hot. One major indicator is the whopping $19 billion Facebook is paying for mobile messaging app WhatsApp. Another gauge much more under the radar is the transformation of a major mobile carrier payments company into a broader messaging business moving up the mobile commerce stream.
  • Mobile Payments & the Willingness to Pay
    We may be about to see just how many people are seriously interested in making mobile payments. After months of early testing and with significant ($10+ million) funding, Boston-based Loop is making its mobile wallet available to the masses today.
  • Vending Machines Go Digital, Mobile Payments Included
    The age-old vending machine is getting more than a facelift and joining the world of mobile commerce. In a keynote presentation at the recent Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, Jose Avalos, Intel's visual retail worldwide director of intelligent systems, painted a picture of vending machine innovation.
  • Tapping the Smartphone for Interactive Window Shopping
    Creating an interactive digital window display that can connect with smartphones of consumers walking by can be more complicated than it looks. A while back, Adidas created a pilot interactive display at a storefront in Germany. Last week, the people involved in creating and monitoring it presented their findings during the Digital Signage Expo in Last Vegas.
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