• 24% of Loyalty Programs Allow Mobile Reward Redemption
    There still are plenty of linkages yet to be made in mobile commerce. We've recently seen a consistent stream of research showing that consumers want a more seamless shopping experience among channels, with mobile as the prime disrupting force. Now comes along another global study, this one focused on loyalty, highlighting yet another gap in mobile commerce.
  • 67% Use Smartphones to Enhance Shopping, Up from 26%
    Significantly more consumers than last year are using smartphones to help them shop and now they have specific needs and desires from retailers. These needs include access to inventory, personalized in-store services and store apps that help them find products, based on a new global study. And to build customer loyalty, retailers need to provide consumers what they need when they need it, according to a survey of 5,000 consumers in 10 countries.
  • The Consumer-Retailer Spread: Coupons, Deals & Finding Things
    When it comes to improving a consumer's shopping experience, it's not only mobile that retailers need to worry about. Besides there being somewhat of a gap between what mobile shoppers want and what retailers provide, there also seems to a wide range of shopping issues on the table. When asked where retailers need to improve the shopping experience, about a third (32%) of consumers looked to the integration of the three shopping methods of online, mobile and in-store, according to Accenture.
  • 45% Want Real-Time Mobile Promotions in Stores
    There's still somewhat of a gap between what mobile shoppers want and what retailers provide. Many consumers say they want in-store mobile offers and real-time promotions, but most retailers aren't capable of delivering it, based on a new study. More than a third (39%) of consumers said they would take advantage of in-store mobile offers and almost half (45%) want real-time mobile promotions while in a store, according to the study by Accenture.
  • Shopping Trip Duration: 10 Minutes Online, 26 Minutes in a Store
    PCs still rule for online shopping but mobile is coming up fast. While a slight majority (52%) of total online commerce traffic comes from the desktop, nearly half (47%) now comes from smartphones and tablets, based on a new study. Compared to a year ago, the overall number of visits to commerce sites increased 12%, according to the shopping index by Demandware, which analyzed the activities of more than 100 million online shoppers.
  • Square Launches $Cashtags for Free Money Transfer
    The number of ways to use smartphones to move money back and forth between people and businesses continues to increase. Following Facebook, which followed PayPal and Venmo, comes Square with its own approach to people-to-people mobile payments. Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it would be offering peer-to-peer payments through its messaging app.
  • Welcome to the World of Gadget Commerce
    The concept of mobile commerce, or at least mobile payments, has been relatively straightforward, with various twists. At the core, a person uses their mobile phone to pay for something, like in a store, by tapping their phone to a check-out terminal or flashing a code on the screen. But increasingly, more things are being used to buy things.
  • 40% Give Mobile Payments a Shot
    While gaining traction, using a phone to pay for things in stores still has a bit of a road ahead. Some activity in mobile payments seems to be moving things along, but hardly causing a full-blown move to payments. Recent launches and introductions by Apple, Samsung and PayPal may at least cause some people to give payments a shot.
  • Mobile Payments Validation & Facebook's Peer-to-Peer Plan
    Portions of the mobile commerce market tend to simmer under the service for some time before exploding out, often at the hands of another. Mobile payments is a good example. The biggies entering any segment of the mobile commerce ecosystem market can cause that segment to explode to the surface of mass acceptance.
  • Need A Helicopter? Now There's An App for That
    The size of mobile commerce often is judged by how many things are purchased from a mobile phone or the total value of those purchases. Some of those tracking stats can sometimes be misleading, since mobile is involved throughout the entire mobile shopping life cycle, not just at the transaction stage. But now rather than things being associated with mobile purchasing, increasingly there are services, often relating to convenience or time-saving.
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